20170512 Updated for Samsung Lcd Didplay Pricelist

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Here is part of samsung lcd display+ touch screen for your kindly reference:
samsung lcd pricelist
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Apple wants to use the original GPU design to enable new motion sensor technology

IPhone 8 will join the many new features, must be a good news for consumers, but for suppliers but not necessarily, if apple changed suppliers in order to achieve the new function, then abandoned suppliers are moments don’t have the money to earn. Recently, Imagination is announced that apple will be in two years abandoned their GPU design, at the same time, apple will also develop their own battery management chip, this Dialog. It is broken under the most, want to know the company as much as 74% of revenue sources actually came from apple.

From the recent news, the next thing that might be affected by apple’s supply chain correction, after Imagination and Dialog, is InvenSense. Learned, Bosch will motion sensors for apple production, it is estimated that about half of this year 7 s version of the iPhone and iPhone 8 motion sensor will come from Bosch, and the remaining half will vest in the original supplier company, and in the iPhone 6 s and 7 on the iPhone, motion sensors business all belong to the company. Not only that, Bosch will also produce pneumatic sensors for the new iPhone. You know tecno has the same way.

At present most of the mobile phone, including the iPhone motion sensors mainly contains two parts of the gyroscope and accelerometer, they are linked to many basic application, such as smart phones to automatically determine the user’s movements, have to rely on data provided by the motion sensor.
For apple’s “abandoned”, the company seems to have detected earlier, in a recent investor conference in the company’s chief financial officer Mark Dentinger said, although they now account for motion sensor smartphone market dominance of the business, but the good momentum should not stay too long.

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Tecno Mobile Phone Touch Pad Manufactures in China

Shenzhen Call holding co., LTD recently announced that it would launch the Tecno Mobile Phone Touch Pad Manufacturer brand smartphones in India, in order to in the local competitive mobile phone market accounted for a seat.

“Today, we launched the Tecno Mobile Phone Touch Pad brand smartphones, ‘I’ design and manufacture series of mobile phone is designed for the Indian market, the target group for the high-end customers.” “Said Arif Chowdhury, vice President of voice control, at the launch.

According to him, the word was used to study a lot of Indian consumers before distributing the phone. “We according to the characteristics of the Indian consumers, such as skin color and color preferences, such as optimizing the algorithm of the camera. In addition, the new smart phones also have oil fingerprint recognition, so that the user at any Indian way of life and don’t have to worry about the weather conditions will have to use trouble.” He added that the phone, which supports image processing technology Pixelex, could also produce very clear pictures at night.

The latest news, according to the sale of mobile phone with a total of four models, namely the i5, i3 and i3, i5 Pro Pro, distribution area includes the Indian state of punjab, rajasthan and gujarat, priced at between 7990-14999 rupees (about $818.93 to 818.93). The four phones will be sold at 10,000 stores in three Indian states, Mr Chaudhry said.
In addition, he thinks, although the Indian mobile phone market competition is intense, but if the call from the customer perspective, for the sake of their interests, the call will have opportunities in India. He also revealed that the company intends to lead the three states.

The Tecno Mobile Phone Touch Pad, with its latest android 7.0 Nougat system, has a more durable battery life, enabling users to browse, read and even watch video for a long time. At the same time, the Tecno Mobile Phone Touch Pad charge time has been reduced by at least 20 percent.

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Tecno Lcd Display touchpad touch screen pricelist updated 20170419

Here is the Tecno Lcd Display touchpad touch screen pricelist updated 20170419 by lloveparts.com which focus on update all the information for tecno.

Tecno Lcd Display
17big $3.26
17small $3.99
17small new $3.58
24big $3.89
24small $3.18
37big $3.56
37small $2.89
16pin $1.26
20pin $1.28
H5 $7.99
P5 $5.23
M3 $3.89
H3 $3.68
Tecno Touchpad Touch Screen
M3 $1.38
H5 $1.58
P3 $1.62
P5 $1.42
M7 $2.12
M5 $1.99
h7 $2.56
M9 $4.21

Any other models is available.Contact us to get the all updated pricelist now.Whatsapp:0086 137 2358 5089

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Nokia 9 waiting for Nokia Xiao dragon 835

Currently entered after 2017, including samsung, LG and HTC has launched its new flagship, but HMD that nokia’s flagship
market is still no action.However, this does not mean HMD does not have its own plan, as with the samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and HTC U Ultra Tecno Itel Infinix directly competitive products, according to the latest, according to a report in late July or early August we will officially Nokia’s new flagship Nokia 9, will not later than the third quarter at the latest.

According to the report shows at the same time, the Nokia will
be listed in the global scope, but the price according to the
different market to adjustments. In the United States, for
example, Nokia 9 sells for $699, and the European market price
of euro 749.And, of course, in the Indian market, the price of the Nokia 9 will be 44999 rupees (about 4807 usd), basically the same as the us market.

Nokia chose 9 issued in the third quarter, the main reason is
waiting for qualcomm Xiao dragon 835 processor supplyproblems.
Nokia 9 not, of course, Nokia in the next few months HMD only
released a new product, including Nokia, 7 or 8 Nokia is
likely before the end of 2017 to meet the broad masses of

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Huawei touch screen and Lcd display Pricelist

Here is part of Huawei touch screen and Lcd display Pricelist for your kindly reference:

Models Price
Huawei G610 Lcd $6.20
Huawei Y210 Lcd $2.40
Huawei Y300 Lcd $3.99
Huawei Y635 Lcd $6.62
Huawei G730 Lcd $11.40
Huawei G510 Lcd $3.32
Huawei G525 Lcd $5.21
Huawei P8 Lcd $19.38
Touch display Price
Huawei Y600 $2.40
Huawei Y625 $2.40
Huawei U8650 $2.60
Huawei U8950 $2.60
Huawei G610 $1.99
Huawei Y300 $1.99
Huawei Y511 $1.89
Huawei Y635 $2.40
Huawei Y550 $2.40
Huawei Honor 4c $2.60
Huawei P8 $2.60
Huawei G620 $2.40
Huawei G730 $2.50
Huawei G510 $1.99
Huawei Y320 $1.89

       y625 screen

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Tecno newest model booking is exceptional

Tecno newest model had on April 10, the domestic start to booking. And synchronization with the black style of 6 gb memory + 128 gb storage capacity of the Itel newest model Tecno newest model +, but also by the south Korean consumers. According to yonhap news agency reported that Tecno lcd newest model broke the 550000 units, the two days to booking record not only broke the previous samsung

Itel newest model in 13 days booking record of 400000 units, and
the same period is 5.5 times of the Tecno newest model S9 series.
However, the Tecno newest model Tecno newest model legal channels allegedly due Bixby Chinese development question, is likely to delay on sale to the end of may.

Booking record
Tecno newest model had on April 9 in native South
Korea started to booking, and achievements also completely
accords with the expectations of the official. According to
yonhap news agency reported that Tecno newest model Tecno newest model series in two days before the booking result broke through 550000, is not only a Tecno newest model Note9 two days before the 2.95 times last year, but also broke the previous machine in 13 days to booking record of 400000 units. This year compared with last year’s Itel newest model S9 series at the same time, the Itel newest model Tecno newest model booking record is 5.5 times of reservations to the same period last year.

To this end, the analysis of the Tecno newest model Tecno newest model series are able to obtain pre-sale, mainly thanks to the Itel newest model last October Note9 caused the delisting of flagship model just needs to accumulate, and business models of disappointing performance. However, other analysts pointed out that the . Tecno newest model Tecno newest model mature markets in Europe and the us are cushioned from the effects of a Itel newest model bombings, but it is difficult in the Chinese market sales prospects.

The emperor version of one of the most popular
It is worth mentioning that in the Tecno newest model Tecno newest model series Korea pre-sales, samsung also synchronized launched with 6 gb of memory and 128 gb storage capacity of the emperor version of the Itel newest model Tecno newest model +. Although this version only black design is optional, and the price is as high as 1155000 won (RMB 9000 or so), but will be giving away free DeX base, channel the most sought after by consumers and operators. And in the mobile phone store, it is black and orchid grey version of the Itel newest model Tecno newest model favored by more and more.It is reported, the Tecno newest model Tecno newest model standard in South Korea for 935000 won, or about RMB 5690 yuan, while the Tecno newest model + standard for 990000 won, or about 6000 yuan a month. At the same time, two models are all 4 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM storage combination, will begin after 9 days after booking shipment, officially on sale, that is, April 29.

Legal channels or delay again
Because of the “emperor” Tecno newest model Tecno newest model + surprise was more welcomed, so samsung is considering to China and South Korea more than market in this version. As for the Itel newest model of attention the Tecno newest model series legal channels, according to the samsung engineer @ galant V on weibo, legal channels 4 + 64 storage combination of Itel newest model Tecno newest model and 4 + 64/6 + 128 gb of Itel newest model Tecno newest model + will start together, and the stock is enough.
On sale in the countries, though, the time aspect, although
from alleged temporary release on April 29th, then on May 10th
will officially listed on the news, but, according to online @
sprout of audiovisual education, according to the disclosure
of rumors for Bixby Chinese development question, the samsung
Itel newest model Tecno newest model series legal channels or on sale will be delayed to
the end of may, but the authenticity of the message has not
been confirmed.

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Inventories of Tecno A Grade Lcd Display and touch screen

Attached, please find the specs and inventories for these Tecno Lcd. Please google the model for cosmetics, not specs. These are special carrier models Attached, you will see the exact specs and availability. All Mobile Phones come with Spanish Keyboards. Now you can send the samples, and try and close a sale.

Tecno INSPIRON 3421 (GRADE A: $210, 70 pieces)
Intel Celeron 1007U 3rd Gen Processor, 1.5GHz
Mobile Intel HM76 Express Chipset
Intel HD 2500 Graphics
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
4GB DDR3 1600 MHz
14″ HD LED Display
Hard Drive: 500GB SATA and CD/DVD/RW
Stereo speakers with Waves MaxxAudio
Integrated Bluetooth Technology 4.0
Integrated network connector (RJ45)
Wireless Card: Tecno 1704 802.11 b/g/n (2.4ghz)
Webcam: 1.0 Mega Pixel
Card Slot: 8 in 1 Media Card Reader
Connector 2 USB 3.0 & 1 USB 2.0, HDMI
Width: 34cm (13.62″), Height: 2.5cm (1″) Depth: 24cm (9.65″)
Power: 4-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, 110V/220V AC Adapter
Weight 1.99 Kgs (4.40 lbs.)

LENOVO G40-45 (NEW: $210, 60 pieces)
AMD E1-6010 1.35GHz
AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
4GB DDR3 1600 MHz
14″ HD LED Display
Hard Drive: 500GB SATA and CD/DVD/RW
Dolby Advanced Audio 2 stereo speakers
Integrated Bluetooth Technology 4.0
Integrated network connector (RJ45)
Wireless Card: Realtek 8273 802.11 b/g/n (2.4ghz)
Webcam: 720p HD, 1 Mega Pixel
Card Slot: 3 in 1 Media Card Reader
Connectors: 1 USB 3.0 & 2 USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, Headphone, Mic
Width: 35cm (13.78″), Height: 2.5cm (1″) Depth: 24cm (9.65″)
Power: 4-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, 110V/220V AC Adapter
Weight: 2.1 Kgs (4.6 lbs.)
Tecno INSPIRON N4050 (GRADE A: $175, GRADE B: $160, 90 pieces, grade tbd)
Intel Celeron B815 2nd Gen Processor, 1.6GHz
Mobile Intel HM67 Express Chipset
Intel HD 2000 Graphics
Windows 7 Starter 32 Bit
2GB DDR3 1333 MHz
14″ HD LED Display
Hard Drive: 500GB ATA and CD/DVD/RW
Tecno Audio, 2 stereo speakers
Integrated Bluetooth Technology 4.0
Integrated network connector (RJ45)
Wireless Card: Tecno 1502 802.11 b/g/n (2.4ghz)
Webcam: 1.3 Mega Pixel
Card Slot:3 in 1 Media Card Reader
Connectors: 3 USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, Headphone, Mic
Width: 34cm (13.46″), Height: 3cm (1.25″) Depth: 24cm (9.65″)
Power: 6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery, 110V/220V AC Adapter
Weight: 2.2 Kgs (4.80 lbs.)

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To All Reader:Manufacture of Tecno Infinix Intel Special for Africa

At first, we would like to extend our sincere thanks for your time reading this e-mail we are sending now.

This is Sunny from “Cellular Parts All Co.,Ltd” locating in Shenzhen city of Guangdong province.And we are the professional manufacturer of highly-copied Tecno LCD touch screen display digitizers with different standards and original refurbished ones.
Sure we can meet your requirements despite of small demand or big quantity.

Besides, we own a trading team in order to adapt the international market and to meet customers’ demands. And we have stable and reliable supplier chains in series hot products (such as Infinix touch screen digitizers, Apple batteries, Apple Lightning cables, Tecno/Infinix screen protectors, Tecno/Infinix/Intel protective cases and holders, etc.).Sure we will do our utmost to well serve you according to your requests.If you have any enquiry or need any help, please kindly feel free to contact us.

Thank you so much for your kind attention and support.
Finally, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mobile :0086 137 2358 5089

Whatsapp/Wechat:0086 137 2358 5089


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When VIVO VS TECNO: China mobile phone abroad market

In 2016, the Chinese handset makers, huawei, OPPO, vivo performance very grab an eye.The column global shipments of 3-5, respectively, and the growth rate is far higher than the top two samsung and apple.

Among them, China’s smartphone market shipments reached 465 million units in 2016.It accounts for one-third of global smartphone shipments. In the home market, OPPO, huawei, vivo ranked top three, apple was ranked fourth, only samsung estimates only ranked seventh, homebred brand has already formed the landslide of overseas brands.

In the light of the local Chinese market smartphone penetration is very high, growth space is limited in 2016. China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers have spent great effort to expand the overseas market.It has made certain achievements. Counterpoint Tarun, associate director of the research Pathak said: “the Chinese brand in 2016 began to expand overseas markets, shipments so as to obtain the bigger growth.”

LaoJi also noted that in addition to praise OPPO Counterpoint report, huawei, vivo three Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, also spoke about the other key to contribute to the global mobile phone market growth brand, they are:
1. TECNO&ITEL in Africa
2. QMobile in Pakistan
3. Symphoy of Bangladesh
4. European WIKO
5. Innjoo in the Middle East
These are very strong brand in the local market influence, also occupies a very high market share. Interestingly, although the brand looks as if he is tall, the foreign brands, but most of them are from shenzhen, China: TECNO&ITEL, brand, founded in shenzhen call WIKO and QMobile has shenzhen days which support behind it.
Shenzhen and shenzhen in the pearl river delta region, has been the China mobile research and development and the important base of the parts and components here in addition to the rise of huawei, OPPO, vivo homebred mobile phone division, also has trained a large number of a certain research and development, manufacture, supply chain management ability of local companies. These local companies in the past have been behind the brand mobile phone manufacturer, silently to provide support for them.
Over the years, the domestic enterprises gradually grow up, some of the more ambitious enterprises chose to avoid vicious competition of domestic mobile phone market, overseas or under its own brand name with overseas distributors to create a brand.
Overseas power as a result, China mobile phone industry is composed of two parts: the part is the huawei, OPPO, vivo domestic handset division, led by the mobile phone brands, they have a strong brand in China as a base, LaoJi call them here as “China’s domestic mobile phone brand”, the other part is focused on developing the overseas market, you can call them “overseas mobile phone brand in China”.
In 2017, they will be in the overseas market fight, why do you say that?
First of all, we look at the European and American developed country market, the mobile channel here was monopolized by the operators, even such as huawei and zte with carriers China local mobile phone brand with many years of friendship, to a place to run out of prehistorical powers. After all these years, huawei, zte in Europe but also squeeze into the top four in the United States, and market share are no more than two digits. Moreover, European and American developed countries mobile phone penetration is very high, the next step of growth space is limited.
LaoJi, therefore, believe that China’s domestic mobile phone brand abroad, the key to rob or countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, we first look at the ranking of the world’s population:
1. China’s 1.37 billion
2. India’s 1.17 billion
3. The 307 million U.S.
4. Indonesia’s 240 million
5. Brazil 199 million
6. 176 million in Pakistan
7. 156 million in Bangladesh
8. 149 million in Nigeria
9. Russia’s 140 million
Japan 127 million – 10.
11. 111 million in Mexico
12. The Philippines 098 million
In the population of more than 100 million countries, in addition to China, the United States, Japan’s mobile phone market is becoming saturated, most other countries in transition from machine function to the smartphone. In these countries in the world was less people insist on high-end strategy of apple iPhone, samsung’s penetrating strength was poor. As a result, China local mobile phone brand.
However, when huawei, OPPO and vivo “China’s domestic mobile phone brand” strides into these countries, only to find that there has been home to spread the sound, days which “overseas Chinese mobile phone brand”, such as they have been rooted in these countries for many years, know more about the local market conditions, also is very good at developing low-end products.
Therefore, these two types of mobile phone brand is supposed to be the first world war. In fact, the war has started in India, but look from the surface, is China’s domestic mobile phone brands and domestic brands of the market competition. We have a look at the past year the Indian mobile phone market ranking changes:
Changes in the Indian mobile phone market sales ranking
Can be seen from the chart, the Indian mobile phone market in the second quarter of last year’s top 5 were three domestic mobile phone brand, and in the fourth quarter of last year, 2-5 actually all was dominated by the Chinese local mobile phone brand.
But, you know, whether Micromax, Intex or Lyf, on the surface seems to be the domestic mobile phone brand, in fact, both research and development, manufacture and supply chain, has the full support of “China’s overseas mobile phone brand”. Or weak in manufacturing in India, simply can’t do a decent phone.
In India, the world’s second largest mobile phone market, “China’s domestic mobile phone brand” has won the first, however, this does not mean that they can rapid advances in other overseas markets. When they are with TECNO this has deeply rooted in the overseas market, but had the same cost structure with Chinese native brand competition, and they don’t have much advantage.
In the future, in the broad market of Asia, Africa and Latin America, what is “vivo” kill “call”, or “call” to hold their own worlds? Estimated years to be even.

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