iPhone 7 lcd smartphone, the advances in battery technology

When we talk about iPhone 7 lcd smartphone, the advances in battery technology are always slower than advances in processors, cameras, or software. For now, it’s the most straightforward way to plug a larger, larger battery, which can also lead to a thicker, heavier smartphone and a higher cost. Therefore, in addition to increasing the battery capacity, it is also important to improve processor efficiency and software optimization.
In fact, apple has proven that it is doing very well. In the battery life test from PhoneArena, we saw that the iPhone 7 lcd was not only apple’s best ever, but it also beat all android smartphones this year. According to the test results, the iPhone 7 lcd lasted 10 hours and 35 minutes, while the samsung Galaxy S8 lasted 8 hours and 22 minutes, and the Galaxy Note 8 lasted 7 hours and 50 minutes.
The iPhone 7 lcd also performs well compared to the iPhone itself. For example, the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 has a range of 8 hours and 37 minutes, the iPhone 7 is 7 hours and 46 minutes, and the iPhone 6s is 8 hours and 15 minutes. Of course, for different systems of smartphones, the difference between the use and the intensity will also lead to different battery life. Overall, though, the iPhone 7 lcd has become the most successful smartphone on the market.
Of course, the iPhone 7 lcd has a battery capacity of only 2691mAh, which is a lot less than the 3000mAh of many android smartphones. And this also proves that the efficiency of apple in the processor, software system optimization of do very well, such as the latest A11 Bionic processor, manufactured 10 nanometers, and cooperate with 11 iOS system is very well. As a result, apple is a great example for other smartphone makers to get more battery life. The iPhone 7 lcd has been apple’s best ever smartphone

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iPhone 7 Lcd attraction drop fruit powder for new machine desire decrease

According to RBC Capital Markets, the number of consumers wanting to buy new iPhone 7 Lcd models has declined this year compared with last year. According to the survey, only 64 percent of iPhone potential users are willing to buy iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 lcd this year, and 71 percent of potential customers last year said they would like to buy iPhone 7 lcd or iPhone 7 lcd Plus.

RBC capital markets said the drop was due to the fact that apple is still selling the iPhone 6s in 2015, so consumers have a very diverse range of iPhone models. A total of 4,000 people participated in the survey, which included their familiarity with electronic products, their plans to buy mobile phones in the future.
Royal bank of Canada, like other investment Banks, is still optimistic about apple because it sells more than any other phone. In the consumer willing to buy new, more than half of the respondents said they want to buy high storage capacity of the iPhone 7 lcd, and this kind of mobile phone high priced would boost apple’s revenue and earnings. So RBC capital markets thinks apple’s stock will rise. The 64GB version of the iPhone 7 lcd costs 8388 yuan, while the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 lcd costs 9688 yuan and will be available for pre-sale on October 27. The shipment will begin on November 3.
It is understood that since Sept. 12, Apple released a new iPhone, Apple Watch series 3 and Apple TV since 4 k, Apple shares have fallen 6%, means that this time Apple’s market value fell by $50 billion.

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Panasonic’s new mobile AI assistant in India has become a major attraction

Panasonic is committed to introducing new technology into its smartphones, adding innovative elements to the India market. Recently, Panasonic launched Eluga A3 and A3 Pro phones in India, and two mobile phones installed virtual assistant Arbo, which is an enhanced version of Arbo 1.

“The Eluga Ray series has a very good response, and in order to go further, we’re adding two more powerful smartphones for the Eluga product line: Eluga, A3, and A3 Pro,” says Pankaj Rana, director of business at Panasonic’s India mobile division. Mobile phones are more powerful, better quality, and users can do more. Smart phones come in three colors: Mocha, coffee, gold, gold and gray. It maybe launch new models in the worldwide to competitive for iPhone, samsung, tecno lcd and other mobile phones.

Our AI assistant, Arbo, can record and understand the user’s activities and help you make your schedule without letting you miss anything.”
The new mobile phone will be fashionable, innovative design, more powerful camera, all metal shell, split screen function, 4000 Ma large capacity battery integration, for consumers, value for money.
The phone is only 9.1 millimeters thick and has a 5.2 inch Full HD screen with a surface covered with Asahi Dragon Trial glass with a very narrow frame. The screen is clear and brightly colored. The smartphone also features a 13 million pixel rear camera that supports phase detection, autofocus, and LED flash. The front camera, 8 million pixels, captures lifelike pictures and excellent self portraits.
Talking about the company’s smartphone strategy in India, Panasonic, India and South Asia president and CEO Manish Sharma explained: “we developed our own AI virtual assistant, I believe it can make products differentiated.”. Today, software consisting of applications and user interfaces has become a determining factor in whether users upgrade technology.

The advances in software technology have given rise to endless opportunities. Some technologies change the interface of the product and change the mode of human-computer interaction. The customer needs the technology.”
A3 Pro is equipped with 1.25 GHz quad core MediaTek processor, install Android 7 (Nougat) system, running memory 3GB, body memory 32GB, can be extended to 128GB. The mobile phone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer and OTG. The size of the two phones is 148.7×72.4×9.1 millimeters and weighs 161 grams.
What is the difference between A3 and A3 Pro? Eluga A3 installed MediaTek MT6737 processor, which is a quad core CPU, frequency 1.25GHz. Eluga A3 Pro more high-end, install MediaTek MT6753 processor, which is a 8 core CPU, frequency 1.3GHz.

Although the two mobile phones running memory are 3GB,the body memory capacity is not the same. A3 only 16GB, A3 Pro has 32GB. Two mobile phones can increase the memory card.
Speaking of the Arbo AI assistant, Rana told the media: “Arbo is a virtual assistant or digital assistant.”. Arbo can observe user behavior and prompt users according to behavior. No matter what you do, users don’t have to set alarms and notifications. It’s a digital partner of the user. We also added a lot of new features to Arbo 2, an enhanced version of the virtual assistant.”

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Samsung New A series Mobile Phone Parameter

Samsung New A series will be equipped with a comprehensive screen Xiaolong 660+6GB memory.Total screen include tecno lcd is not only the current trend in the industry, but also to the spread of products in the middle end.

Just after LG has launched LG, Q6 and LG, Q8 and so on for the middle end market comprehensive screen model, Samsung is also ready to launch in the end of the full screen to fight for users. According to the users in the micro-blog on the 2018 broke the news that the Samsung GALAXY A series will join the full family of curved screen, there are 2018 models of GALAXY A5 and A7’s country line version at the beginning of the test, or will be in the fourth quarter of this year officially debut.
A system with full screen
Earlier, Samsung GALAXYA series will return to the domestic market, and now seems to be ready to join the comprehensive screen design to enhance competitiveness. According to the netizen @ Meng audio-visual on micro-blog disclosed in the statement: “welcome to GALAXY A Display Family to Infinity!”. The implication, nature is the Samsung GALAXY A series of new machine will be equipped with a full screen same as infinix lcd.
In addition, the netizen also confirmed that the Samsung GALAXY A series will return to the domestic market rumors, and gives 2018 Samsung GALAXY A series of two new machines A7 and A5 are testing information, the firmware version is respectively A7300ZCU0AQH4 and A5300CHC0AQH4.
Equipped with Xiaolong 660
Although the relevant specifications @ Meng did not disclose the audio-visual 2018 Samsung GALAXY A7 and A5, but had run in the well-known website Geekbench database, a model for the SM-A5300 2018 GALAXY A5 running information has emerged, and display equipped with Xiaolong 660 processor and has 6GB of memory, with Android7.1.1 as system. Single core and multi-core run score was 1591 and 5706, and equipped with OPPOR11 processors and other models at the same level.
According to the previous Samsung GALAXYA series used in the hardware configuration, the difference between the 2018 GALAXY and A5 A7 should only will be reflected in the screen size, so it means that the former will also be equipped with 660 Xiaolong processor and has 6GB of memory.

In addition, because now also spread the A series will use the comprehensive screen design hearsay, therefore also meant that before this appeared in Amazon’s 2018 GALAXY A5 protection kit not to be true.
Or quarterly release
It is worth mentioning that, with the return of the 2018 GALAXY A series, the number of members of the family of GALAXY C family that used to be devoted to the domestic market seems to have been substantially reduced. According to the disclosure of the audio-visual @ Meng Meng said that the model SM-C7100 dual camera new machine will be named GALAXY C8, the outgoing GALAXY C10 past models has been suspended, so in the outgoing 2018 GALAXY A series will be equipped with full screen case, the face adjustment is also regarded as the logical things.

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iPhone 8 updated news for readers

At present, all the people are concerned about the iPhone 8, Apple’s new iPhone, it contains excellent characteristics, these characteristics can be 10 years ago in the technology industry caused a revolution in the first generation of iPhone comparable.

mobile phone

Apple has 8 possible configurations of iPhone silent, but in a celebration of the advent of iPhone 10th anniversary website, Apple has given an upbeat, but the prospect of fuzzy.
“In the first 10 years of the Cook, iPhone set a benchmark for mobile computing,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, Tim. “We’re just getting started.”. The best product hasn’t come out yet.”

phone accessories
But since the first release of iPhone, the smartphone market has changed dramatically.
The Street said that over the years, iPhone has been Apple’s first quarter results for the rapid growth of the engine, including the 2015 fiscal year, a record $18 billion (about 119 billion 400 million yuan) profits, but the 2016 fiscal year second quarter, Apple’s revenue fell for the first time since 2003, arch-criminal is a slowdown in iPhone sales.
Analysts attributed the iPhone sales slump to the growing saturation of the smartphone market, which forced apple to compete with smartphones, including Samsung, Google and HUAWEI. In addition, Cook said other reasons for iPhone’s slide include the lack of iPhone 7 for iPhone 6, as well as a significant decrease in sales in greater china.
CNBC famous Jim Clem (Jim Cramer) recently posted that only “super cow” will think Apple will cut iPhone 7 production, preparing for the iPhone 8 cycle.
Since the release of iPhone 7 last September, it has been rumored that iPhone 8 will be significantly different in size, appearance, and functionality compared with its predecessor. MacRumors in March this year quoted a Japanese website news journal said, “iPhone 8” will be named “iPhone Edition”, learn from Apple Watch Edition named, in order to establish its high-end iPhone model image which same as tecno mobile Phone.
MacRumors also pointed out in the report, although iPhone 7S may still be on sale in September, but the iPhone Edition release date may be delayed.
The Street says the following is a summary of the features included in iPhone 8:
1, larger size curved OLED display screen
This could be the most widespread rumor about iPhone 8: it might have a curved OLED display with a bigger size. The size of the iPhone 8 screen will grow from 4.7 inches of iPhone 7 to 5 inches, and the size of the iPhone 8 Plus screen will grow from 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches from iPhone 7 Plus.
Apple is expected to release 3 iPhone upgrade this fall, including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – iPhone 7S and 7S Plus version, the screen size is still were 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and completely redesigned iPhone 8, although the screen size is slightly larger than the iPhone 7 Plus, but the overall size and the iPhone mobile phone is 7. The news comes from sources familiar with Apple’s plans.
According to Bloomberg, Apple may add “click wakeup” feature for new iPhone, allowing users to double click on the screen to switch on the phone. IPhone’s click and wake feature is similar to Windows Phone.
While improving the display quality, showing darker black and more vivid colors, the OLED screen extends the battery life of the phone. The Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Samsung would supply apple with a curved OLED display. According to Bloomberg’s latest report on iPhone 8, the initial sale of iPhone 8 will exclusively use Samsung’s OLED display because other manufacturers have insufficient capacity. Bloomberg said, so far, Apple has ordered about 100 million Samsung OLED display.
The Wall Street journal says OLED technology also allows manufacturers to bend display screens in a way that LCD displays are not possible. Although such a OLED display cannot be bent or folded at will, it is enough to make apple upgrade the appearance of its handsets.
Barclays bank analyst Brian Curtis (Blayne Curtis) recently published investment reports, said Samsung may face a certain degree of tight supply problems, limiting the OLED display can only be used for iPhone 8 Plus.
Curtis explained, “only iPhone 8 Plus will use OLED display, because Samsung does not have enough capacity for two models, iPhone supply OLED display.”. SHARP / Hon Hai OLED production line will be put into operation in 2018 to solve the problem of tight supply of apple OLED display (some people doubt whether SHARP / Foxconn OLED production line can be put into production so quickly).”
IPhone 8 fuselage front will eliminate the aluminum and glass materials used consistently, using curved plastic panels to achieve borderless design. Expect the iPhone 8 fuselage or rear cover to be made of glass, similar to iPhone 4.
2 、 wireless charging
A lot of rumors have claimed that iPhone 8 will eliminate charging cable, using a new wireless charging technology. Apple’s recent filing with the securities and Exchange Commission shows that it is exploring the possibility of using wireless charging technology. IPhone 8 wireless charging technology may be developed by Energous, Qualcomm and broadcom.
Samsung, SONY and Google have launched mobile phones using wireless charging technology, but their technology requires phones to be near the charging board, Bloomberg said. On the other hand, iPhone wireless charging technology is expected to have no stringent requirements for distance from the charging board.
In addition, apple iPhone may choose to charge through the USB-C cable, eliminating the previous generations of products using Lightning charging cable. Apple first introduced the USB-C charging cable in the 12 inch Macbook notebook. Charging for iPhone 8, charging via USB-C cable, will make apple guests

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Tecno Lcd has been operating in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda since its launch

And it can be said that the Kilimall Uganda station offers a wide range of online products. Kilimall Uganda stand black Friday will be a great success in 2016, in less than 24 hours has made more than 1000 orders, sold 2000 items, more than 100000 unique visitors record, discounts as high as 70%; It also established a partnership with PC Tech, a global smartphone maker. Inventory under the Kilimall station launched seven months in Uganda the major events that took place during this time:

1. Kilimall officially launched in Uganda Kilimall in Uganda officially launched in May 2016, after growing exponentially, provide the product range covers: mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, electronics and electric appliances, clothes, bags, household products, office supplies, automobiles, digital products, children’s toys, etc. Kilimall’s only goal is to become the first ecommerce platform in Africa, where Kilimall’s biggest competitor is Jumia.

2. Black Friday Kilimall Uganda stand discounts up to 70% on black Friday is the world’s largest, the biggest shopping day of the discount, Uganda will surely won’t miss the shopping spree. Together, there are more than 10,000 different types of products involved in the black five promotion, bringing the best black five goods to the ugandan customers to the Kilimall.

3. To be a partner with Infinix Infinix Note 3 and 4 Hot on November 21, 2016, stand with Africa market leading brand smartphones Infinix Kilimall Uganda in Uganda market launch Infinix Note 3 and 4 Hot smartphone, that can certainly spur Infinix market in Uganda’s loyal users. Kilimall, Uganda, 2016: the launch of the social media campaign in the busy season

4. Holiday social promotion way is surprisingly recruit Kilimall Uganda stand for the customer provides a lot of ways to saving money in the holiday shopping, including the following social media interactive marketing: customer just use their cell phones any taxi or behind the car stickers Kilimall propaganda, and the photos on Facebook or Twitter, plus Kilimall Uganda and Infinix Mobile Uganda label, so that customers can get more discount when shopping. Kilimall Uganda station 2016 big events: season using for social media promotion In addition, Kilimall use the sun when Christmas wish list & win gift activities, the lucky winner will be able to take away Infinix mobile phone, bluetooth speakers, gift watches, rearview mirror, etc. Here are Kilimall on social media announced the list of winners: Kilimall Uganda station 2016 big events: season using for social media promotion Customers only need to login to Kilimall Uganda website, every day make a Christmas wish list, and then on the social media to share “your wish list”, to get the more contestants to win. Last year, Kilimall Uganda introduced a similar promotion for promotional gifts, including 10, 000 ugandan shillings.

5. All the products of science and technology to promote the five days before Christmas, Christmas Kilimall Uganda standing on social media announced that all the technology platform, from smart phones, TV, tablet and smart watch will be big discount. Among them are the Infinix phones that Kilimall has partnered with Infinix Uganda: Infinix Hot 4 and Note 3. Kilimall Uganda station 2016 big events: season using for social media promotion Participate in the promotion of products include: Infinix phones, StarTimes TV (pre-installed decoder and 1 month free subscription), samsung, 24, 32 and 40 inches television. Since Kilimall into Uganda’s fastest growing e-commerce sites, platform every day more than 600 orders, Uganda, shoppers are gradually accept the benefits of shopping for tecno lcd.

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The launch of the black skin and Tecno mobile phone dominates Africa

Such as huawei, millet, OPPO and vivo brand rise, China mobile has lead coquettish, as apple, samsung, even hundreds of millions of africans love in “Africa’s first brand” mobile phones, are from Chinese manufacturers. Call phones in annual sales in Africa, 10 years from under 1 million to nearly 80 million units, market share, at 50%, has earned its reputation as “the king of Africa”, and reveal the secret to rise, is the mobile phone function to cater to the local consumer demand.

According to African Internet users, the camera is in the top spot, according to African Internet users who have launched a “love TECNO lcd Camon” for 100 reasons. TECNO has developed a model of beauty for dark-skinned users, deeply addressing the pain of taking pictures of African people. Even dark girl of personages, can also be sold in black spruce, and even in the middle of the night, TECNO to African development of luminous mode, can make facial outline, exposure compensation, the analysis of the imaging effect, let black friend won’t be in the middle of the picture, can only be captured easily seen and teeth.
There are four SIM CARDS available
Another feature of African consumers is the multi-calorie phone. Because African consumers often carry extra SIM CARDS to avoid phone calls in order to save money. But many users in Africa need two or more SIM CARDS, but can’t afford two. The TECNO phone is a four SIM card, which will soon be a big international factory.

That’s how we get to know the real lives of africans so that we can meet the consumer needs of africans.
The run by shenzhen call holding TECNO brand, only take three years time, has been in sub-saharan Africa (Sub – Saharan Africa) area (the region south of the Sahara desert become the bibcock of feature phones, not only surpass nokia and layout of the African market actively samsung electronics, more to beat all mainland mobile phone brand, the king of Africa is mobile phone industry.

Nokia and samsung
Call the company in 2016 in the African market the smartphone market rate of more than 50%, is one in every two people with TECNO mobile phones, is equal to commandeer across Africa, more than half of the market share.
8, the Wall Street journal article reveal the mainland smartphone preempted market know-how, in this article entitled “China’s smartphone preempted market tips: > cater to consumer demand, in this paper points out that the sound holdings in Africa can seize market share, is that his ambition does not want to provide only the original product, but to bring customers need products.

The Wall Street journal points out that the idea partly explains why Chinese handset makers are gaining market share. Industry research institute, international data corp., according to data from Chinese manufacturers won the global smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017 more than 40% market share, higher than it was five years ago. Meanwhile, samsung electronics and apple’s share of the global market began to decline, down 3.5 percent last year.
Little psionic holdings
It is a company that specializes in r&d, manufacturing and sales of mobile digital products, and is known as shenzhen voice holding technology co., LTD. The company was founded in 2013, and now in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, dubai, Cameroon, Ghana, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France and other places and other places with offices.

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Tecno Phone accounts for 40% of Africa’s mobile-phone market share

A Chinese mobile phone, dubbed Tecno, accounts for 40 per cent of Africa’s handset market. Behind the sales of tecno lcd, it represents the efforts of Chinese brands to achieve local and local processes. It is fair to say that a branded product is popular only for local needs.

TECNO Phone Lcd
With the continuous development of economic society and accelerating communication network construction, in Africa, the rapid expansion in the mobile phones, especially smart phones, hot no less elsewhere in the world. China, the world’s largest mobile phone producer, certainly can’t live without Chinese mobile phones. But which Chinese phone sells best in Africa? Not the Chinese people familiar with huawei, OPPO and xiaomi, but a Chinese mobile phone called the word “voice”, which accounts for 40 percent of Africa’s handset market. This is the brand product that shenzhen transmit music holding co., LTD. Develops and produces. There are TECNO, itel and Infinix in the mobile phone brands. Although domestic few people know, but in Africa is the star products of the household, the reporter also often can see the local people in their daily lives to use the phone, also heard African friend sincerely for this phone thumb up, think that call phone is the representative of China mobile for tecno lcd factory.

Sales network is strong
How did the phone succeed? According to the reporter, first of all, the sales network is strong and grounded. In Africa, the network shopping, like jingdong or suning appliance stores also is not very popular, the physical distribution sales network breadth and depth, will directly affect the product promotion and sales. Voice phones can be seen in the communications markets of many African countries, shopping centers, and even photo galleries and country markets. Compared with other domestic phone brands, it pays more attention to promoting advertising to the people than celebrities. A small blue flag with a white TECNO font, a small counter, a local clerk. It’s not that bold, but it’s all over the place. More local distributors carry the TECNO phone in a large bag, back to the field and directly occupy the rural market. Today, there are 54 countries and territories in Africa, more than 1.1 billion people, many of them have more than two mobile phones, and 40 percent of the population is a significant number. In the first half of 2016, TECNO exported 32.86 million units, making it the top domestic handset exporter. With such impressive results, the company is focused on export markets and efforts to expand the local sales network.
Second, it is a mobile phone that matches the current high cost of performance in Africa. Africa by the rapid development of the economy, but also in the period of rapid social transformation and upgrading, people increasingly high demand for communication and access to information, so the touchscreen smartphones has replaced the traditional mobile phone before, become the mainstream of the mobile phone market. But the price of a big smartphone, like apple and samsung, is beyond the reach of ordinary africans. In Africa, after all, the income gap between the elite and the people is still large. TECNO seized the opportunity to build their own civilian smartphones for the masses in Africa. The screen may be a little smaller, maybe a little slower, but the basic functionality of a smartphone is complete. The minimum price of 500 usd; High, less than 2,000 usd. The price for tecno M3 touchpad is acceptable to the African public.

Satisfy African customer preference
The design of the voice phone meets the love and preference of African customers, so it is prepared for the early investigation of the African market. Africans love to communicate, they are expressive and they love to talk on the phone. Many people have more than two SIM CARDS, and the two phones switch back and forth, sometimes in trouble. Some customers have limited consumer spending and only one mobile phone. It was the first to launch a dual-card phone in Africa. Then they went on to make even four cell phones and became a local “hipster” baby. If you want to talk on the phone for a long time, there is no strong battery life can not, call phone also pay attention to in this problem, the main “super-long standby” function, obtained the favorable comment of customer.
It has also successfully solved the problem of the “selfie problem” of the African people. Through the eyes and teeth to locate, replacing general smartphone face recognition system, on the basis of strengthening exposure, successfully help customers solve Africa take confused due to skin deep. In order to achieve this goal, a special working group was set up to collect pictures of local people in Africa, analyzing facial features, exposure compensation and imaging effects. Kung fu has done well, and it has done well.

Adapt to special cultural needs
It also fully takes into account the special cultural needs of African customers, who are generally able to sing and dance, and have a high demand for music. The phone began with the power loudspeaker, making it possible for a phone to produce sound. Released in March this year, call the new cell phone Boom J8 and main function of music, incredibly start giving a customized headphones, it attracted a large number of young African users.
Call in Senegal representative office sales manager Chen lei told reporters that Africa as the brand of the world’s major markets, the company currently has more than 40 countries set up representative offices in Africa, the future goal is to strive for full coverage. In Senegal, the overall sales and brand rates of the phonophone have been flat with samsung phones. Senegal, like many African countries, is in the process of switching from a functional machine to a high-end smartphone from a basic smartphone. Call phones can succeed in Africa, it is mastered the fashion, to research and ponder the local user preferences and really need, for Africa customers provide the most suitable, the highest cost-effective products.
All in all, the Chinese brand is a symbol of the Chinese brand’s efforts to achieve the localization and localization of the Chinese brand. It is fair to say that a branded product is popular only for local needs.

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20170512 Updated for Samsung Lcd Didplay Pricelist

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Apple wants to use the original GPU design to enable new motion sensor technology

IPhone 8 will join the many new features, must be a good news for consumers, but for suppliers but not necessarily, if apple changed suppliers in order to achieve the new function, then abandoned suppliers are moments don’t have the money to earn. Recently, Imagination is announced that apple will be in two years abandoned their GPU design, at the same time, apple will also develop their own battery management chip, this Dialog. It is broken under the most, want to know the company as much as 74% of revenue sources actually came from apple.

From the recent news, the next thing that might be affected by apple’s supply chain correction, after Imagination and Dialog, is InvenSense. Learned, Bosch will motion sensors for apple production, it is estimated that about half of this year 7 s version of the iPhone and iPhone 8 motion sensor will come from Bosch, and the remaining half will vest in the original supplier company, and in the iPhone 6 s and 7 on the iPhone, motion sensors business all belong to the company. Not only that, Bosch will also produce pneumatic sensors for the new iPhone. You know tecno has the same way.

At present most of the mobile phone, including the iPhone motion sensors mainly contains two parts of the gyroscope and accelerometer, they are linked to many basic application, such as smart phones to automatically determine the user’s movements, have to rely on data provided by the motion sensor.
For apple’s “abandoned”, the company seems to have detected earlier, in a recent investor conference in the company’s chief financial officer Mark Dentinger said, although they now account for motion sensor smartphone market dominance of the business, but the good momentum should not stay too long.

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