TECNO Export 50 million units Mobile Phone to African Market

;It Noticed that Computer village on the outskirts of Lagos,┬áNigeria Local time on December 24, 2016. Here is one of Africa’s largest PC market, selling electronic products such as mobile phone, computer hardware and accessories.It attracts the local residents and from Ghana and Senegal and places such as Congo as far as to foreign tourists.

In July of 2016, southern daily a “king” mobile phone export
“African legend”. It let the African mobile market TECNO
entered the view of the domestic public. If you are on the
mobile phone manufacturers in shenzhen also don’t know, we can
see that a set of data:TECNO created by the original company
international business department general manager ZhuZhaoJiang
waveguide, started its own brand of the African market in
2008.The market of Tecno Lcd and tecno touchpad is very hot in recent years.

For Tecno Lcd

TECNO annual shipments of 50 million in 2016, all for export
(millet shipments in the same year 80 million.It mainly for
the domestic market). Source (the southern daily reports)
In 2016, according to African business observation of TECNO
ugandan general agent RuanWenBing interview record, TECNO
brand series at that time, the mobile phone market share
reached 50% in Uganda, in Rwanda’s market share reached 80%.
Market share (Rwanda has with former TECNO Rwanda agent

In the first half of 2016, TECNO exports of 32.86 million (at
the same time huawei + glory exports for 25.37 million units),
located in the first half of the domestic mobile phone export
list. The study of the source (the sun mobile phone industry)
In addition, also have to mention that TECNO unique way of
marketing in Africa – painted the wall.

From the slums of Nairobi airport road to Kampala, from Kenya
border town tourist city Rubevu Kisii to Rwanda, so long as
there is a wall, little not TECNO painted the wall ads. A
friend in Africa who half-jokingly told me:
“Because of TECNO painted the wall movement, paint production
become the industry’s hottest Africa.”
Based on the above information, I have to many in the Chinese
entrepreneurs looking for TECNO key to the success of the
cause in Africa. Some think TECNO occupy the market
opportunities in Africa, some people think that the initial
function of the double card open the market, also some people
think that because of black skin beautification function meets
the requirements of the core of the African users. These
statements are reasonable, but it is not satisfactory. Until I
met the old Y, a simulator 2000 times into the mobile phone
industry entrepreneurs, in the face of my question he replied:
“TECNO heavy cooperation, founder ZhuZhaoJiang business card
has a word called Together, we can, you know?”
“A lot of enterprises brand cooperation spirit, this is very
“Wrong! The heavy cooperation has exquisite, do you know what
is the most important part of African mobile market? Agent!
TECNO is the most important approach is tightly tied to the
mobile agent in Africa.”

I take a tumble.
Essentially, any industry needs to be the agent. Factory
produced products, if you go on the market, so the sales cycle
of goods would not be turned into cash, the factory won’t be
able to quickly in the next round of production. For mobile
phone such a replacement goods very quickly, long supply
chains and payback periods means death. Therefore, in the
mobile phone industry, the agent to speed up the important
role of mobile phone production cycle.
But, in addition to this, the African agent there is another
very important role, spread the risk. Doing business in
Africa, there are two have to consider the risk of political
instability and exchange rate fluctuations. Held by local
currency may shrink a third in a day, dollar holdings may be
local police robbed in a second, it is every businessman
unspeakable pain in Africa, so there are a rumor – “in the
dollars in the bank account before everything is floating
Agents in such cases, the pieces are more flexible, more adapt
to work in the sales of the African continent, as compensation
for risk, mobile phone manufacturer often will also release a
lot of profit to the agents.
Old Y then introduced me to TECNO and agents unique
First, both have exclusive agency agreement, that is to say,
TECNO agents acting other brands can’t;
Second, the agent needs to TECNO pay some deposit, for
restricting the exclusive;
Third, TECNO marketing let agents in each country painted the
walls on a large scale to produce the dependence on mobile
phone brand market construction, before a few mobile phone
manufacturer so that advertising on a large scale.
As you can see, this agency rules make TECNO to expand rapidly
in Africa. According to later other way to learn about the
practice, such as profit distribution I know TECNO agent
“bound” the name.
Chat with old Y in the end, I asked a theme is not related
“Why do you think nokia will decline?
“Another reason I don’t know, but I know that in the later
when a nokia as hand arcade, agents of competing for the same
areas, lead to nokia’s agent is generally no profits. Agent
without profit, lost as a mobile phone manufacturer nokia was
the most important cooperation partner.”
“The TECNO has the same problem?
Old Y smiled, did not answer my question.
But for this question, in fact, I already have some answers.
Recently, in Kampala was a mobile phone manufacturer strike
against TECNO. The origin of the strike is – TECNO joint
ugandan police agents sell fake TECNO mobile phone.
So the question is simple, although a strike for the huge
TECNO won’t have any effect, but the agent selling fake mobile
phones, is enough profit in selling really TECNO mobile phone
already than it once was.
In fact, the mobile phone manufacturers and is a very delicate
relationship between agents. At the beginning of the brand,
and the core goal is the brand construction and shipments, as
a community of interests. But like nokia, and examples of
agents both in distress, but not with he. The brand strength
in the late stage, the mobile phone manufacturer not only
control the mobile phone brand, and accumulated a powerful
funds; And at this point, as scattered in the sales area
agents, found himself has no CARDS to play.
Also another thing happened recently, samsung through all
sorts of “reasons”, lifted and Zambia agent relations of
cooperation, start to be through direct sales agent in Zambia.
As a mature mobile phone brand, samsung may will open another
first African mobile market: no agent era.
So back to the TECNO, by chance, and I have another multiple
mobile phone brand agents to chat, I asked.
“Your brand agent in Africa so much, why not agent TECNO?”
“We have also considered agent Infinix actually, but when find
their negotiations, the agency agreement about the terms of
the mobile phone retail price limits, this agent was no profit
to speak of.”
He went on to say:”TECNO from India began to enter the southeast Asian market this year, before long, the running directly to Pakistan to give out the local’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. TECNO
is too strong, if like this for a long time, our agent will
certainly be more passive.”

If the above statement is true, then for the agent, the agent
TECNO indeed is a not only can’t make money now there is no
prospect at all; For TECNO, at this time should be in the face
of such options:
Either “into the main build with”, or simply hand blade up and
then meet liu directly.

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