Google Pixel 3 officially released after watching the real machine

Google which focus on different market for tecno mobile phone, new Pixel are finally released, although this kind of mobile phone in the previous two months have been exposed to before about the same, but still attracted many people to watch, after all, a lot of people feel after purchase the HTC phones business part of the team, and Google their android adaptation, in the end will be very good. However, after I watched the real plane, I just wanted to say “excuse me”!

When we see this Google Pixel 3 phone, we will find that its appearance level is really low, the front of the 5.5-inch OLED screen, and the bangs are really big, and do not support facial recognition technology, such bangs really affect the appearance level, making people unable to accept this design.

Compared to iPhoneX, the upper and lower borders of the Google Pixel 3 are also very large. The black border control of this phone looks disgusting, if it is hidden, it will have a large black border. Besides, the jaw is very wide.

Even more unacceptably, the Google Pixel 3 phone is also a downband version in terms of performance.

Although it adopts snapdragon 845 chipset, the big core is lowered to 2.5ghz, while the small core is lowered to 1.6ghz.

In details, Google Pixel is configured with a 4 gb + 3 64 gb storage combination of start, far less than the minimum is 6 gb + 64 gb storage portfolio level, only the rear 12.2 million pixels in the photo support optical image stabilization of image sensor, although Google does have good performance on photo, but the two cameras the phone now, still insist on not to upgrade is also too confident.

What’s more, perhaps the biggest highlight of the Google Pixel 3 is the direct pre-install of the Android 9 Pie system, the addition of digital health features of Google, the ditching of Android’s traditional three virtual buttons and the addition of interactive experience of gesture navigation, but can this really be a selling point? Not only that, the U.S. version of the Google Pixel 3 costs $799, or about 5,500 yuan, which is clearly higher than the average snapdragon 845 phone on the market.

The appearance design is flat, the performance also appears the frequency reduction, simultaneously also does not have the very big upgrade on the photograph, the price actually is very expensive, to such mobile phone, the author only wants to say, “disturbed”!

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