Xiaomi 9 or the first qualcomm snapdragon 855 details exposed

huawei kirin 980 to read the rest assured. While huawei and apple are already showing results this year with three manufacturers launching mobile processors based on the 7nm process, the general performance of kirin 980 and A12 is pretty clear to all. The next step is qualcomm, and they are sending out snapdragon 8150.
According to the latest news, qualcomm is still releasing the snapdragon 855 in early December this year. As the standard processor of the flagship android model, its performance and parameters are also highly concerned by users who used Tecno W1 W3 W3 LTE W4 Lcd Screen Lcd Display Assembly.

According to the detailed parameters of the snapdragon 855 exposure, the snapdragon 855 is still an eight-core, including four large A76 cores (2.6ghz of the main frequency) and four small A55 cores (1.7ghz of the main frequency), while qualcomm has made certain modifications and adjustments on the public versions of A76 and A55.
As for the GPU of snapdragon 855, the specific name is not clear at present, but the main frequency is 650MHz. Of course, in the later stage, qualcomm raises the frequency of GPU and CPU. The baseband should be equipped with X24, but it can be selected with qualcomm’s own 5G baseband same as Tecno W1 W3 W3 LTE W4 Lcd Screen Lcd Display Assembly.

What’s more, the processor is also equipped for the first time with NPU (neural network unit) for processing AI tasks.
Xiaomi is set to launch the snapdragon 855
The news that this year the qualcomm Xiao dragon all 855 contract rights to TSMC, and the processor starting place may not let samsung to continue the (originally is samsung to OEM), and they might let millet to undertake this task, and millet is also in preparation for the overseas market expansion plans, it is said that CES millet 9 or 855 to start Xiao dragons.
How is the snapdragon 855 performing?

Snapdragon 855’s GeekBench score
The previous results of snapdragon 855’s GeekBench have been released, including single core 3469 and multi-core 10259. Since the test is only qualcomm’s engineering machine, there is room for further optimization in the later stage. Compared with the released kirin 980, the latter has a single core 3390 and a multi-core 10318, which are basically at the same level. For huawei, at least, it has caught up.

Apple A12

Kirin 980
In addition, kirin 980’s antutu runs around 32 points, and the snapdragon 855 should be at that level, perhaps even higher to reach 340,000 +, when both processors are substantially worse than the apple A12. For huawei, as long as the kirin 980 and the snapdragon 855 performance is not too bad, it can be safely promoted for Tecno W1 W3 W3 LTE W4 Lcd Screen Lcd Display Assembly.

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