Huawei Mate20 Pro real machine exposes bright screen bangs eye-catching

Mate 20 Pro which same popular as Tecno SPARK SPARK 2 SPARK PLUS Pro CM Touch Screen Touchpad Digitizer setting
With less than a week to go, huawei Mate 20 is about to be unveiled. Which upgrade do you most expect? There’s a lot of information about the new machine, but it’s the first time a real camera with a bright screen has been seen.
According to the newly exposed light screen of the Mate 20 Pro, four details of the phone can be observed.

The details are as follows:
1. Bangs at the top, about the same width and length as apple’s iPhone XS;
2. The screen is a hyperboloid screen, which is similar to the Find X of OPPO.
3. The chin at the bottom is not very narrow, which may affect the appearance level of this phone;
4. There is structured light hidden in the bang area, which supports 3D face recognition;
Also exposed together with the real camera shot of the back of the Mate 20 Pro, the left and right sides of the back were curved, which can be effectively combined with the front curved screen to enhance the feel. The leica camera flash on the back formed a square, which many netizens referred to as the bath ba style.

In addition, users who sent photos of the Mate 20 Pro stressed that the Mate 20 Pro is more comfortable to hold, although the weight of the body is a little bit heavy, and the body is very fond of fingerprints, if the users who care about it should be wiped frequently.

As for the exposure of the Mate 20 Pro real machine compared to Tecno SPARK SPARK 2 SPARK PLUS Pro CM Touch Screen Touchpad Digitizer, many netizens said after watching it that the appearance is more moving, liu hai + wide jaw is really aesthetic fatigue.

As for the Mate 20 Pro, the phone is positioned higher than the Mate 20, with a 6.39-inch OLED screen, a front 24 megapixel camera, and a rear 40 megapixel +20 megapixel +8 megapixel three-shot combination, in which 8 megapixel turns into an ultra-wide-angle lens.

In order to provide a longer battery life, Mate 20 Pro will have a 4200mAh capacity battery (support wireless charging) built in, which can support 40W quick charging. The function can be completed in about 1 hour after a full charge. It will run android system 9.0 and support the dual-card, dual-standby and dual-pass function.

Mate 20 profile
As for the price you are concerned about, the latest Revelations show that the Mate 20 Pro 8GB memory version starts at 1,000 USD, while it remains to be seen whether there is a 6GB memory version, regardless of which memory, the storage space is 128GB, 256GB and 512GB optional.

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