iPhone X design is a two-card, two-waiting device that will sell for more than a million dollars

“On September 15, 2018, apple will officially release three new iPhone X models at the Steve jobs theater at its U.S. headquarters.” Believe that before long, you will see the words on each big media website, from the industrial chain to former employees, apple’s new product information was exposed time and again, but to be honest, exposure look quite boring, according to apple’s design practice, generation of design to the fourth generation machine no doubt about it.
Earlier today, sources from the Taiwan industry chain said that the design of apple’s three new iPhone X models for 2018 has been completed (shouldn’t they be used directly?). , which is not much different from the 2017 iPhone X, but the size of the fuselage has increased, and the fringe has been slightly altered.
As the completion of design work, the major components provided by the supplier of components is basically in place, apple will officially open in mid-july product development work, upgrade version of the iPhone X just ordinary hardware update and test; The biggest change to the iPhone XPlus is its 6.5-inch OLED screen. As for the most concerned cheaper version of the iPhone X, it’s still not ready for trial production because of another problem with the iPhone X LCD screen.
In addition, the news that apple will be equipped with dual sim CARDS and dual sim CARDS in the iPhone XPlus has been confirmed by the internal staff of the iPhone OEM pegatron. At present, represented by samsung, huawei’s android camp in high-end mobile phone market, apple obviously feel the pressure, hope that through double card double stay can continue to monopolize the high-end market, as for the price, more than ten thousand is no problem. The employee also confirmed that apple may bring two iPhone XPlus models this year.
Apple has two phones will have double card double stay function of news has been reported for some time, a number of mobile phone industry analysts say, Android mobile phone manufacturers, “apple’s double card double stay will cause a big impact to Android, especially in the Chinese market.” So do you think that’s going to be the case?

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