Galaxy S range are slowly declining and samsung’s position as the number one in the industry is in crisis

Samsung’s global sales of the Galaxy S9 are lower than those of the Galaxy S8, a cause for concern, since the S8 is also smaller than the previous year’s S7.Samsung J3 J5 J7 Lcd
In fact, the Galaxy S series hasn’t sold as many products in recent generations as it did at its peak — the Galaxy S4, launched in 2013, reportedly sold 80 million units.
It’s worth noting that it’s not easy to know exactly how many smartphones are sold. On this issue, the actual data that is most easily available are the shipments of each manufacturer, and IDC releases relevant data every quarter.
However, these figures do not represent the actual sales of smartphones. We can only learn about the overall shipments of the manufacturers, but cannot see the specific data of each model.
But the gradual decline in samsung’s smartphone sales, combined with market analysts and industry data, should be real. Analysts expect overall smartphone sales to fall in the second quarter of march. This year alone, the south Korean firm’s market share has fallen by 9%.
Thanks to the success of the iPhone X and the rise of Chinese manufacturers such as huawei and xiaomi in the mid-market, samsung’s position as the world’s no. 1 smartphone market is in jeopardy.
The main crisis in samsung’s smartphone business, according to analysts and media, is that none of the new features are “necessary.” For example, the Galaxy S9 is almost identical to last year’s S8, and most consumers don’t understand or care about minor upgrades.
According to the rumors of this period, there will be no big difference between the Galaxy Note 9 and last year’s Note 8. Only the S Pen will get an important upgrade. If that is the case, the phone may not sell better than the S9.
Meanwhile, products from Chinese manufacturers such as vivo, OPPO and huawei have truly innovative features, such as pop-up cameras, on-screen fingerprint sensors and three rear cameras. Even apple’s iPhone X led the trend.
If samsung is to pull itself out of the mire, it will have to do two things: launch an innovative but risky flagship device and develop a cheap but powerful mid-tier one. Without both, it is only a matter of time before apple and huawei catch up.

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