iPhone 8 lcd will be able to take a big picture next year

The iPhone 8 lcd, iPhone 8 lcd and iPhone X were released this year, according to the Fool website, and apple has significantly improved the quality of its cameras. With the help of a new imaging sensor and a sharp improvement in the image signal processor in the A11 bionic chip, the three iPhone models released this year are impressive shots and video.

What makes the camera improvements particularly impressive is that apple has made these advances in smartphones with the same basic appearance as the last iPhone.
For this year’s iPhone, the elements that limit apple sensors and optical design are not just physical Spaces, but also cost. Thanks to the iPhone, iPhone 8 lcd August Plus and iPhone X USES the same underlying camera technology, apple must design the key sensor and optical components, make no more than the price is relatively low 8 material cost budget of the iPhone.
But Ashraf Eassa, a senior technologist at The Motley Fool, believes that most of these restrictive factors will disappear next year, leading to a big increase in iPhone camera performance. Here’s why he thinks so.
The average price of the new iPhone has risen
According to Fool, apple plans to release three iphones next year: a six-inch LCD screen that belongs to low-end products. A 5.85-inch OLED display is a successor to the iPhone X. The third iPhone X, which is equivalent to a large size, has a 6.46-inch OLED display.
He thought, in the case of not significantly narrowed its gross margin, apple impossible for $699 (RMB 4604), and even the price of $799 (RMB 5263) selling an iPhone X subsequent products. As a result, he expects to start at $899-999 for next year’s 5.85-inch iPhone X starting price. In addition, he expects to start at $999 – $1,199 for the start of the 6.46-inch iPhone X starting price next year, depending on how different the features are from the 5.85-inch model.
The 6-inch LCD iPhone should be cheaper than the 5.85-inch iPhone X, but esha suspects it will start at $699 — the current start price for the iPhone 8 lcd. He thinks the starting price for a 6-inch LCD model will be between $749 and $799.
Here he wants to make a kind of view is that, in the next product cycle, the average price of apple’s new iPhone should rise, which will allow apple can apply more expensive camera parts, and will not affect its profit margins.
New design, bigger size
Another point worth pointing out, says Fool, is that in the past three generations of iPhone cycles, apple had to “cram” its technology into the same size. IPhones 6s, 7 and 8 have the same size as the iPhone 6.
Since next year’s iPhone should be redesigned, apple should have plenty of room to accommodate larger imaging sensors and more advanced optical parts.
In fact, the iPhone X’s camera bump is larger than the iPhone 8 lcd Plus, which allows apple to add a larger lens and optical anti-shake feature.
Apple is expected to take full advantage of the freedom of its new form to significantly improve camera performance and functionality for the entire iPhone line.

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