Samsung New A series Mobile Phone Parameter

Samsung New A series will be equipped with a comprehensive screen Xiaolong 660+6GB memory.Total screen include tecno lcd is not only the current trend in the industry, but also to the spread of products in the middle end.

Just after LG has launched LG, Q6 and LG, Q8 and so on for the middle end market comprehensive screen model, Samsung is also ready to launch in the end of the full screen to fight for users. According to the users in the micro-blog on the 2018 broke the news that the Samsung GALAXY A series will join the full family of curved screen, there are 2018 models of GALAXY A5 and A7’s country line version at the beginning of the test, or will be in the fourth quarter of this year officially debut.
A system with full screen
Earlier, Samsung GALAXYA series will return to the domestic market, and now seems to be ready to join the comprehensive screen design to enhance competitiveness. According to the netizen @ Meng audio-visual on micro-blog disclosed in the statement: “welcome to GALAXY A Display Family to Infinity!”. The implication, nature is the Samsung GALAXY A series of new machine will be equipped with a full screen same as infinix lcd.
In addition, the netizen also confirmed that the Samsung GALAXY A series will return to the domestic market rumors, and gives 2018 Samsung GALAXY A series of two new machines A7 and A5 are testing information, the firmware version is respectively A7300ZCU0AQH4 and A5300CHC0AQH4.
Equipped with Xiaolong 660
Although the relevant specifications @ Meng did not disclose the audio-visual 2018 Samsung GALAXY A7 and A5, but had run in the well-known website Geekbench database, a model for the SM-A5300 2018 GALAXY A5 running information has emerged, and display equipped with Xiaolong 660 processor and has 6GB of memory, with Android7.1.1 as system. Single core and multi-core run score was 1591 and 5706, and equipped with OPPOR11 processors and other models at the same level.
According to the previous Samsung GALAXYA series used in the hardware configuration, the difference between the 2018 GALAXY and A5 A7 should only will be reflected in the screen size, so it means that the former will also be equipped with 660 Xiaolong processor and has 6GB of memory.

In addition, because now also spread the A series will use the comprehensive screen design hearsay, therefore also meant that before this appeared in Amazon’s 2018 GALAXY A5 protection kit not to be true.
Or quarterly release
It is worth mentioning that, with the return of the 2018 GALAXY A series, the number of members of the family of GALAXY C family that used to be devoted to the domestic market seems to have been substantially reduced. According to the disclosure of the audio-visual @ Meng Meng said that the model SM-C7100 dual camera new machine will be named GALAXY C8, the outgoing GALAXY C10 past models has been suspended, so in the outgoing 2018 GALAXY A series will be equipped with full screen case, the face adjustment is also regarded as the logical things.

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