Tecno Lcd has been operating in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda since its launch

And it can be said that the Kilimall Uganda station offers a wide range of online products. Kilimall Uganda stand black Friday will be a great success in 2016, in less than 24 hours has made more than 1000 orders, sold 2000 items, more than 100000 unique visitors record, discounts as high as 70%; It also established a partnership with PC Tech, a global smartphone maker. Inventory under the Kilimall station launched seven months in Uganda the major events that took place during this time:

1. Kilimall officially launched in Uganda Kilimall in Uganda officially launched in May 2016, after growing exponentially, provide the product range covers: mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, electronics and electric appliances, clothes, bags, household products, office supplies, automobiles, digital products, children’s toys, etc. Kilimall’s only goal is to become the first ecommerce platform in Africa, where Kilimall’s biggest competitor is Jumia.

2. Black Friday Kilimall Uganda stand discounts up to 70% on black Friday is the world’s largest, the biggest shopping day of the discount, Uganda will surely won’t miss the shopping spree. Together, there are more than 10,000 different types of products involved in the black five promotion, bringing the best black five goods to the ugandan customers to the Kilimall.

3. To be a partner with Infinix Infinix Note 3 and 4 Hot on November 21, 2016, stand with Africa market leading brand smartphones Infinix Kilimall Uganda in Uganda market launch Infinix Note 3 and 4 Hot smartphone, that can certainly spur Infinix market in Uganda’s loyal users. Kilimall, Uganda, 2016: the launch of the social media campaign in the busy season

4. Holiday social promotion way is surprisingly recruit Kilimall Uganda stand for the customer provides a lot of ways to saving money in the holiday shopping, including the following social media interactive marketing: customer just use their cell phones any taxi or behind the car stickers Kilimall propaganda, and the photos on Facebook or Twitter, plus Kilimall Uganda and Infinix Mobile Uganda label, so that customers can get more discount when shopping. Kilimall Uganda station 2016 big events: season using for social media promotion In addition, Kilimall use the sun when Christmas wish list & win gift activities, the lucky winner will be able to take away Infinix mobile phone, bluetooth speakers, gift watches, rearview mirror, etc. Here are Kilimall on social media announced the list of winners: Kilimall Uganda station 2016 big events: season using for social media promotion Customers only need to login to Kilimall Uganda website, every day make a Christmas wish list, and then on the social media to share “your wish list”, to get the more contestants to win. Last year, Kilimall Uganda introduced a similar promotion for promotional gifts, including 10, 000 ugandan shillings.

5. All the products of science and technology to promote the five days before Christmas, Christmas Kilimall Uganda standing on social media announced that all the technology platform, from smart phones, TV, tablet and smart watch will be big discount. Among them are the Infinix phones that Kilimall has partnered with Infinix Uganda: Infinix Hot 4 and Note 3. Kilimall Uganda station 2016 big events: season using for social media promotion Participate in the promotion of products include: Infinix phones, StarTimes TV (pre-installed decoder and 1 month free subscription), samsung, 24, 32 and 40 inches television. Since Kilimall into Uganda’s fastest growing e-commerce sites, platform every day more than 600 orders, Uganda, shoppers are gradually accept the benefits of shopping for tecno lcd.

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