The launch of the black skin and Tecno mobile phone dominates Africa

Such as huawei, millet, OPPO and vivo brand rise, China mobile has lead coquettish, as apple, samsung, even hundreds of millions of africans love in “Africa’s first brand” mobile phones, are from Chinese manufacturers. Call phones in annual sales in Africa, 10 years from under 1 million to nearly 80 million units, market share, at 50%, has earned its reputation as “the king of Africa”, and reveal the secret to rise, is the mobile phone function to cater to the local consumer demand.

According to African Internet users, the camera is in the top spot, according to African Internet users who have launched a “love TECNO lcd Camon” for 100 reasons. TECNO has developed a model of beauty for dark-skinned users, deeply addressing the pain of taking pictures of African people. Even dark girl of personages, can also be sold in black spruce, and even in the middle of the night, TECNO to African development of luminous mode, can make facial outline, exposure compensation, the analysis of the imaging effect, let black friend won’t be in the middle of the picture, can only be captured easily seen and teeth.
There are four SIM CARDS available
Another feature of African consumers is the multi-calorie phone. Because African consumers often carry extra SIM CARDS to avoid phone calls in order to save money. But many users in Africa need two or more SIM CARDS, but can’t afford two. The TECNO phone is a four SIM card, which will soon be a big international factory.

That’s how we get to know the real lives of africans so that we can meet the consumer needs of africans.
The run by shenzhen call holding TECNO brand, only take three years time, has been in sub-saharan Africa (Sub – Saharan Africa) area (the region south of the Sahara desert become the bibcock of feature phones, not only surpass nokia and layout of the African market actively samsung electronics, more to beat all mainland mobile phone brand, the king of Africa is mobile phone industry.

Nokia and samsung
Call the company in 2016 in the African market the smartphone market rate of more than 50%, is one in every two people with TECNO mobile phones, is equal to commandeer across Africa, more than half of the market share.
8, the Wall Street journal article reveal the mainland smartphone preempted market know-how, in this article entitled “China’s smartphone preempted market tips: > cater to consumer demand, in this paper points out that the sound holdings in Africa can seize market share, is that his ambition does not want to provide only the original product, but to bring customers need products.

The Wall Street journal points out that the idea partly explains why Chinese handset makers are gaining market share. Industry research institute, international data corp., according to data from Chinese manufacturers won the global smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017 more than 40% market share, higher than it was five years ago. Meanwhile, samsung electronics and apple’s share of the global market began to decline, down 3.5 percent last year.
Little psionic holdings
It is a company that specializes in r&d, manufacturing and sales of mobile digital products, and is known as shenzhen voice holding technology co., LTD. The company was founded in 2013, and now in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, dubai, Cameroon, Ghana, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France and other places and other places with offices.

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