Tecno Phone accounts for 40% of Africa’s mobile-phone market share

A Chinese mobile phone, dubbed Tecno, accounts for 40 per cent of Africa’s handset market. Behind the sales of tecno lcd, it represents the efforts of Chinese brands to achieve local and local processes. It is fair to say that a branded product is popular only for local needs.

TECNO Phone Lcd
With the continuous development of economic society and accelerating communication network construction, in Africa, the rapid expansion in the mobile phones, especially smart phones, hot no less elsewhere in the world. China, the world’s largest mobile phone producer, certainly can’t live without Chinese mobile phones. But which Chinese phone sells best in Africa? Not the Chinese people familiar with huawei, OPPO and xiaomi, but a Chinese mobile phone called the word “voice”, which accounts for 40 percent of Africa’s handset market. This is the brand product that shenzhen transmit music holding co., LTD. Develops and produces. There are TECNO, itel and Infinix in the mobile phone brands. Although domestic few people know, but in Africa is the star products of the household, the reporter also often can see the local people in their daily lives to use the phone, also heard African friend sincerely for this phone thumb up, think that call phone is the representative of China mobile for tecno lcd factory.

Sales network is strong
How did the phone succeed? According to the reporter, first of all, the sales network is strong and grounded. In Africa, the network shopping, like jingdong or suning appliance stores also is not very popular, the physical distribution sales network breadth and depth, will directly affect the product promotion and sales. Voice phones can be seen in the communications markets of many African countries, shopping centers, and even photo galleries and country markets. Compared with other domestic phone brands, it pays more attention to promoting advertising to the people than celebrities. A small blue flag with a white TECNO font, a small counter, a local clerk. It’s not that bold, but it’s all over the place. More local distributors carry the TECNO phone in a large bag, back to the field and directly occupy the rural market. Today, there are 54 countries and territories in Africa, more than 1.1 billion people, many of them have more than two mobile phones, and 40 percent of the population is a significant number. In the first half of 2016, TECNO exported 32.86 million units, making it the top domestic handset exporter. With such impressive results, the company is focused on export markets and efforts to expand the local sales network.
Second, it is a mobile phone that matches the current high cost of performance in Africa. Africa by the rapid development of the economy, but also in the period of rapid social transformation and upgrading, people increasingly high demand for communication and access to information, so the touchscreen smartphones has replaced the traditional mobile phone before, become the mainstream of the mobile phone market. But the price of a big smartphone, like apple and samsung, is beyond the reach of ordinary africans. In Africa, after all, the income gap between the elite and the people is still large. TECNO seized the opportunity to build their own civilian smartphones for the masses in Africa. The screen may be a little smaller, maybe a little slower, but the basic functionality of a smartphone is complete. The minimum price of 500 usd; High, less than 2,000 usd. The price for tecno M3 touchpad is acceptable to the African public.

Satisfy African customer preference
The design of the voice phone meets the love and preference of African customers, so it is prepared for the early investigation of the African market. Africans love to communicate, they are expressive and they love to talk on the phone. Many people have more than two SIM CARDS, and the two phones switch back and forth, sometimes in trouble. Some customers have limited consumer spending and only one mobile phone. It was the first to launch a dual-card phone in Africa. Then they went on to make even four cell phones and became a local “hipster” baby. If you want to talk on the phone for a long time, there is no strong battery life can not, call phone also pay attention to in this problem, the main “super-long standby” function, obtained the favorable comment of customer.
It has also successfully solved the problem of the “selfie problem” of the African people. Through the eyes and teeth to locate, replacing general smartphone face recognition system, on the basis of strengthening exposure, successfully help customers solve Africa take confused due to skin deep. In order to achieve this goal, a special working group was set up to collect pictures of local people in Africa, analyzing facial features, exposure compensation and imaging effects. Kung fu has done well, and it has done well.

Adapt to special cultural needs
It also fully takes into account the special cultural needs of African customers, who are generally able to sing and dance, and have a high demand for music. The phone began with the power loudspeaker, making it possible for a phone to produce sound. Released in March this year, call the new cell phone Boom J8 and main function of music, incredibly start giving a customized headphones, it attracted a large number of young African users.
Call in Senegal representative office sales manager Chen lei told reporters that Africa as the brand of the world’s major markets, the company currently has more than 40 countries set up representative offices in Africa, the future goal is to strive for full coverage. In Senegal, the overall sales and brand rates of the phonophone have been flat with samsung phones. Senegal, like many African countries, is in the process of switching from a functional machine to a high-end smartphone from a basic smartphone. Call phones can succeed in Africa, it is mastered the fashion, to research and ponder the local user preferences and really need, for Africa customers provide the most suitable, the highest cost-effective products.
All in all, the Chinese brand is a symbol of the Chinese brand’s efforts to achieve the localization and localization of the Chinese brand. It is fair to say that a branded product is popular only for local needs.

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