Apple wants to use the original GPU design to enable new motion sensor technology

IPhone 8 will join the many new features, must be a good news for consumers, but for suppliers but not necessarily, if apple changed suppliers in order to achieve the new function, then abandoned suppliers are moments don’t have the money to earn. Recently, Imagination is announced that apple will be in two years abandoned their GPU design, at the same time, apple will also develop their own battery management chip, this Dialog. It is broken under the most, want to know the company as much as 74% of revenue sources actually came from apple.

From the recent news, the next thing that might be affected by apple’s supply chain correction, after Imagination and Dialog, is InvenSense. Learned, Bosch will motion sensors for apple production, it is estimated that about half of this year 7 s version of the iPhone and iPhone 8 motion sensor will come from Bosch, and the remaining half will vest in the original supplier company, and in the iPhone 6 s and 7 on the iPhone, motion sensors business all belong to the company. Not only that, Bosch will also produce pneumatic sensors for the new iPhone. You know tecno has the same way.

At present most of the mobile phone, including the iPhone motion sensors mainly contains two parts of the gyroscope and accelerometer, they are linked to many basic application, such as smart phones to automatically determine the user’s movements, have to rely on data provided by the motion sensor.
For apple’s “abandoned”, the company seems to have detected earlier, in a recent investor conference in the company’s chief financial officer Mark Dentinger said, although they now account for motion sensor smartphone market dominance of the business, but the good momentum should not stay too long.

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