Huawei touch screen and Lcd display Pricelist

Here is part of Huawei touch screen and Lcd display Pricelist for your kindly reference:

Models Price
Huawei G610 Lcd $6.20
Huawei Y210 Lcd $2.40
Huawei Y300 Lcd $3.99
Huawei Y635 Lcd $6.62
Huawei G730 Lcd $11.40
Huawei G510 Lcd $3.32
Huawei G525 Lcd $5.21
Huawei P8 Lcd $19.38
Touch display Price
Huawei Y600 $2.40
Huawei Y625 $2.40
Huawei U8650 $2.60
Huawei U8950 $2.60
Huawei G610 $1.99
Huawei Y300 $1.99
Huawei Y511 $1.89
Huawei Y635 $2.40
Huawei Y550 $2.40
Huawei Honor 4c $2.60
Huawei P8 $2.60
Huawei G620 $2.40
Huawei G730 $2.50
Huawei G510 $1.99
Huawei Y320 $1.89

       y625 screen

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