When VIVO VS TECNO: China mobile phone abroad market

In 2016, the Chinese handset makers, huawei, OPPO, vivo performance very grab an eye.The column global shipments of 3-5, respectively, and the growth rate is far higher than the top two samsung and apple.

Among them, China’s smartphone market shipments reached 465 million units in 2016.It accounts for one-third of global smartphone shipments. In the home market, OPPO, huawei, vivo ranked top three, apple was ranked fourth, only samsung estimates only ranked seventh, homebred brand has already formed the landslide of overseas brands.

In the light of the local Chinese market smartphone penetration is very high, growth space is limited in 2016. China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers have spent great effort to expand the overseas market.It has made certain achievements. Counterpoint Tarun, associate director of the research Pathak said: “the Chinese brand in 2016 began to expand overseas markets, shipments so as to obtain the bigger growth.”

LaoJi also noted that in addition to praise OPPO Counterpoint report, huawei, vivo three Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, also spoke about the other key to contribute to the global mobile phone market growth brand, they are:
1. TECNO&ITEL in Africa
2. QMobile in Pakistan
3. Symphoy of Bangladesh
4. European WIKO
5. Innjoo in the Middle East
These are very strong brand in the local market influence, also occupies a very high market share. Interestingly, although the brand looks as if he is tall, the foreign brands, but most of them are from shenzhen, China: TECNO&ITEL, brand, founded in shenzhen call WIKO and QMobile has shenzhen days which support behind it.
Shenzhen and shenzhen in the pearl river delta region, has been the China mobile research and development and the important base of the parts and components here in addition to the rise of huawei, OPPO, vivo homebred mobile phone division, also has trained a large number of a certain research and development, manufacture, supply chain management ability of local companies. These local companies in the past have been behind the brand mobile phone manufacturer, silently to provide support for them.
Over the years, the domestic enterprises gradually grow up, some of the more ambitious enterprises chose to avoid vicious competition of domestic mobile phone market, overseas or under its own brand name with overseas distributors to create a brand.
Overseas power as a result, China mobile phone industry is composed of two parts: the part is the huawei, OPPO, vivo domestic handset division, led by the mobile phone brands, they have a strong brand in China as a base, LaoJi call them here as “China’s domestic mobile phone brand”, the other part is focused on developing the overseas market, you can call them “overseas mobile phone brand in China”.
In 2017, they will be in the overseas market fight, why do you say that?
First of all, we look at the European and American developed country market, the mobile channel here was monopolized by the operators, even such as huawei and zte with carriers China local mobile phone brand with many years of friendship, to a place to run out of prehistorical powers. After all these years, huawei, zte in Europe but also squeeze into the top four in the United States, and market share are no more than two digits. Moreover, European and American developed countries mobile phone penetration is very high, the next step of growth space is limited.
LaoJi, therefore, believe that China’s domestic mobile phone brand abroad, the key to rob or countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, we first look at the ranking of the world’s population:
1. China’s 1.37 billion
2. India’s 1.17 billion
3. The 307 million U.S.
4. Indonesia’s 240 million
5. Brazil 199 million
6. 176 million in Pakistan
7. 156 million in Bangladesh
8. 149 million in Nigeria
9. Russia’s 140 million
Japan 127 million – 10.
11. 111 million in Mexico
12. The Philippines 098 million
In the population of more than 100 million countries, in addition to China, the United States, Japan’s mobile phone market is becoming saturated, most other countries in transition from machine function to the smartphone. In these countries in the world was less people insist on high-end strategy of apple iPhone, samsung’s penetrating strength was poor. As a result, China local mobile phone brand.
However, when huawei, OPPO and vivo “China’s domestic mobile phone brand” strides into these countries, only to find that there has been home to spread the sound, days which “overseas Chinese mobile phone brand”, such as they have been rooted in these countries for many years, know more about the local market conditions, also is very good at developing low-end products.
Therefore, these two types of mobile phone brand is supposed to be the first world war. In fact, the war has started in India, but look from the surface, is China’s domestic mobile phone brands and domestic brands of the market competition. We have a look at the past year the Indian mobile phone market ranking changes:
Changes in the Indian mobile phone market sales ranking
Can be seen from the chart, the Indian mobile phone market in the second quarter of last year’s top 5 were three domestic mobile phone brand, and in the fourth quarter of last year, 2-5 actually all was dominated by the Chinese local mobile phone brand.
But, you know, whether Micromax, Intex or Lyf, on the surface seems to be the domestic mobile phone brand, in fact, both research and development, manufacture and supply chain, has the full support of “China’s overseas mobile phone brand”. Or weak in manufacturing in India, simply can’t do a decent phone.
In India, the world’s second largest mobile phone market, “China’s domestic mobile phone brand” has won the first, however, this does not mean that they can rapid advances in other overseas markets. When they are with TECNO this has deeply rooted in the overseas market, but had the same cost structure with Chinese native brand competition, and they don’t have much advantage.
In the future, in the broad market of Asia, Africa and Latin America, what is “vivo” kill “call”, or “call” to hold their own worlds? Estimated years to be even.

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