The Tecno Phantom 9 LCD Display sells a display fingerprint sensor and three-in-one rear-facing camera

Tecno LCD, a subsidiary of hong kong-based Transsion Holdings, has launched the Tecno Phantom 9 LCD smartphone in India. The new Tecno Phantom 9 Display has a three-in-one rear-facing camera with features such as night algorithms 2.0 for better low-light photography, a four-fold rear-facing flash and support for Google lenses. The phone has a 6.4-inch FHD + AMOLED display and a 3,500mAh battery. The Tecno Phantom 9 is the first phone to cost less than rs 15,000 and is used to shake the display with a biometric security fingerprint sensor.
Tecno Phantom 9 in India price, specification

The Tecno Phantom 9 in India sells for 14,999 rupees and carries a lapland aurora color. It goes on sale in the country on July 17.

The Tecno Phantom 9 features a 6.4-inch full hd + AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels. The water drop groove can accommodate selfie snapper with an aspect ratio of 19:5:9 and a screen to body ratio of 91.47%. It USES 2.3ghz eight-core mediatek Helio P35 SoC, with 6GB of memory and 128GB of internal storage, which can be further extended to 256GB. It runs on HIOS 5.0 based on Android 9.0 Pie.

In optics, the Tecno Phantom 9 LCD Screen USES a three-rear camera setup, including a 16MP main sensor, an 8MP two-stage wide-angle lens and a 2MP third-depth unit with an f / 1.8 aperture. Camera from Microspur, AR mode, Animoji, scatter mode,

Tecno Phantom 6 Phantom 6 Plus Phatom 8 Lcd Screen

HDR, beauty, automatic scene detection and panoramic support. It can also record 1080p video. On the front, there is a 32MP AI selfie camera with dual LED flash, f / 2.0 aperture and 79.4 wide Angle lens. There is a fingerprint sensor on the display for biometric security. Connectivity options include 4G VoLTE, wi-fi, bluetooth 5.0 and GPS + GLONASS. A 3,500mAh battery powered the phone.

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Xiaomi 9 or the first qualcomm snapdragon 855 details exposed

huawei kirin 980 to read the rest assured. While huawei and apple are already showing results this year with three manufacturers launching mobile processors based on the 7nm process, the general performance of kirin 980 and A12 is pretty clear to all. The next step is qualcomm, and they are sending out snapdragon 8150.
According to the latest news, qualcomm is still releasing the snapdragon 855 in early December this year. As the standard processor of the flagship android model, its performance and parameters are also highly concerned by users who used Tecno W1 W3 W3 LTE W4 Lcd Screen Lcd Display Assembly.

According to the detailed parameters of the snapdragon 855 exposure, the snapdragon 855 is still an eight-core, including four large A76 cores (2.6ghz of the main frequency) and four small A55 cores (1.7ghz of the main frequency), while qualcomm has made certain modifications and adjustments on the public versions of A76 and A55.
As for the GPU of snapdragon 855, the specific name is not clear at present, but the main frequency is 650MHz. Of course, in the later stage, qualcomm raises the frequency of GPU and CPU. The baseband should be equipped with X24, but it can be selected with qualcomm’s own 5G baseband same as Tecno W1 W3 W3 LTE W4 Lcd Screen Lcd Display Assembly.

What’s more, the processor is also equipped for the first time with NPU (neural network unit) for processing AI tasks.
Xiaomi is set to launch the snapdragon 855
The news that this year the qualcomm Xiao dragon all 855 contract rights to TSMC, and the processor starting place may not let samsung to continue the (originally is samsung to OEM), and they might let millet to undertake this task, and millet is also in preparation for the overseas market expansion plans, it is said that CES millet 9 or 855 to start Xiao dragons.
How is the snapdragon 855 performing?

Snapdragon 855’s GeekBench score
The previous results of snapdragon 855’s GeekBench have been released, including single core 3469 and multi-core 10259. Since the test is only qualcomm’s engineering machine, there is room for further optimization in the later stage. Compared with the released kirin 980, the latter has a single core 3390 and a multi-core 10318, which are basically at the same level. For huawei, at least, it has caught up.

Apple A12

Kirin 980
In addition, kirin 980’s antutu runs around 32 points, and the snapdragon 855 should be at that level, perhaps even higher to reach 340,000 +, when both processors are substantially worse than the apple A12. For huawei, as long as the kirin 980 and the snapdragon 855 performance is not too bad, it can be safely promoted for Tecno W1 W3 W3 LTE W4 Lcd Screen Lcd Display Assembly.

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Google Pixel 3 officially released after watching the real machine

Google which focus on different market for tecno mobile phone, new Pixel are finally released, although this kind of mobile phone in the previous two months have been exposed to before about the same, but still attracted many people to watch, after all, a lot of people feel after purchase the HTC phones business part of the team, and Google their android adaptation, in the end will be very good. However, after I watched the real plane, I just wanted to say “excuse me”!

When we see this Google Pixel 3 phone, we will find that its appearance level is really low, the front of the 5.5-inch OLED screen, and the bangs are really big, and do not support facial recognition technology, such bangs really affect the appearance level, making people unable to accept this design.

Compared to iPhoneX, the upper and lower borders of the Google Pixel 3 are also very large. The black border control of this phone looks disgusting, if it is hidden, it will have a large black border. Besides, the jaw is very wide.

Even more unacceptably, the Google Pixel 3 phone is also a downband version in terms of performance.

Although it adopts snapdragon 845 chipset, the big core is lowered to 2.5ghz, while the small core is lowered to 1.6ghz.

In details, Google Pixel is configured with a 4 gb + 3 64 gb storage combination of start, far less than the minimum is 6 gb + 64 gb storage portfolio level, only the rear 12.2 million pixels in the photo support optical image stabilization of image sensor, although Google does have good performance on photo, but the two cameras the phone now, still insist on not to upgrade is also too confident.

What’s more, perhaps the biggest highlight of the Google Pixel 3 is the direct pre-install of the Android 9 Pie system, the addition of digital health features of Google, the ditching of Android’s traditional three virtual buttons and the addition of interactive experience of gesture navigation, but can this really be a selling point? Not only that, the U.S. version of the Google Pixel 3 costs $799, or about 5,500 yuan, which is clearly higher than the average snapdragon 845 phone on the market.

The appearance design is flat, the performance also appears the frequency reduction, simultaneously also does not have the very big upgrade on the photograph, the price actually is very expensive, to such mobile phone, the author only wants to say, “disturbed”!

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Huawei Mate20 Pro real machine exposes bright screen bangs eye-catching

Mate 20 Pro which same popular as Tecno SPARK SPARK 2 SPARK PLUS Pro CM Touch Screen Touchpad Digitizer setting
With less than a week to go, huawei Mate 20 is about to be unveiled. Which upgrade do you most expect? There’s a lot of information about the new machine, but it’s the first time a real camera with a bright screen has been seen.
According to the newly exposed light screen of the Mate 20 Pro, four details of the phone can be observed.

The details are as follows:
1. Bangs at the top, about the same width and length as apple’s iPhone XS;
2. The screen is a hyperboloid screen, which is similar to the Find X of OPPO.
3. The chin at the bottom is not very narrow, which may affect the appearance level of this phone;
4. There is structured light hidden in the bang area, which supports 3D face recognition;
Also exposed together with the real camera shot of the back of the Mate 20 Pro, the left and right sides of the back were curved, which can be effectively combined with the front curved screen to enhance the feel. The leica camera flash on the back formed a square, which many netizens referred to as the bath ba style.

In addition, users who sent photos of the Mate 20 Pro stressed that the Mate 20 Pro is more comfortable to hold, although the weight of the body is a little bit heavy, and the body is very fond of fingerprints, if the users who care about it should be wiped frequently.

As for the exposure of the Mate 20 Pro real machine compared to Tecno SPARK SPARK 2 SPARK PLUS Pro CM Touch Screen Touchpad Digitizer, many netizens said after watching it that the appearance is more moving, liu hai + wide jaw is really aesthetic fatigue.

As for the Mate 20 Pro, the phone is positioned higher than the Mate 20, with a 6.39-inch OLED screen, a front 24 megapixel camera, and a rear 40 megapixel +20 megapixel +8 megapixel three-shot combination, in which 8 megapixel turns into an ultra-wide-angle lens.

In order to provide a longer battery life, Mate 20 Pro will have a 4200mAh capacity battery (support wireless charging) built in, which can support 40W quick charging. The function can be completed in about 1 hour after a full charge. It will run android system 9.0 and support the dual-card, dual-standby and dual-pass function.

Mate 20 profile
As for the price you are concerned about, the latest Revelations show that the Mate 20 Pro 8GB memory version starts at 1,000 USD, while it remains to be seen whether there is a 6GB memory version, regardless of which memory, the storage space is 128GB, 256GB and 512GB optional.

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The samsung Note 9’s protective case and glass film were released in advance: a familiar formula

On samsung’s flagship samsung Galaxy Note 9 to the second half of the previous statement has been it with samsung Note 8 is not much difference, only up and down the borders become more narrow, rear fingerprint identification module from the camera on the right side to the below. Now, accessory maker Olixar has released the samsung Galaxy Note 9’s protective case and glass film in advance, from which some clues about the design of the Galaxy Note 9 can be found. Samsung J3 J5 J7 Lcd

According to foreign media reports SamMobile, online retailers Mobile Fun Revelations from Olixar companies in the samsung Galaxy Note 9 parts, according to the whole body line of samsung Galaxy Note 9, forehead and chin, front panel are used for samsung integrated series of style, and compared the samsung Note8 certain burnish.

However, in order to let the samsung Galaxy Note 9 more recognizable, in addition to Note9 series trademark accessories S Pen stylus, samsung will also samsung Galaxy Note 9 fingerprint module on the rear of the rear camera directly. This is also to distinguish the samsung Note9 from the previous generation of samsung Note8 and samsung S9 series.

Want to know is that last year’s Olixar also released today samsung Galaxy Note 8 and rendering, the protection of the shell and the Galaxy Note 8 color rendering and largely similar to the final release of samsung Galaxy Note 8. It can be seen that this samsung Galaxy Note 9 message still has some credibility.

In terms of configuration, samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be basically the same as Galaxy S9+. Specifically, samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with 6.3-inch full-view curved screen, qualcomm snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810 processor, 6/8gb memory + up to 512GB storage, and 4000mAh battery. As a result, the performance of samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 May not be particularly surprising, but camera improvements, such as imaging algorithms and anti-shake capabilities, can be expected.
The difference is that samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will also feature a new generation of smart voice assistant, Bixby 2.0, and a bluetooth-enabled S Pen stylus.
In the end, is this really the case with the samsung Galaxy Note9? I’m sure there will be more news coming out of samsung Galaxy Note9, and I’m looking forward to the launch of samsung Galaxy Note9 in New York on August 9.

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Galaxy S range are slowly declining and samsung’s position as the number one in the industry is in crisis

Samsung’s global sales of the Galaxy S9 are lower than those of the Galaxy S8, a cause for concern, since the S8 is also smaller than the previous year’s S7.Samsung J3 J5 J7 Lcd
In fact, the Galaxy S series hasn’t sold as many products in recent generations as it did at its peak — the Galaxy S4, launched in 2013, reportedly sold 80 million units.
It’s worth noting that it’s not easy to know exactly how many smartphones are sold. On this issue, the actual data that is most easily available are the shipments of each manufacturer, and IDC releases relevant data every quarter.
However, these figures do not represent the actual sales of smartphones. We can only learn about the overall shipments of the manufacturers, but cannot see the specific data of each model.
But the gradual decline in samsung’s smartphone sales, combined with market analysts and industry data, should be real. Analysts expect overall smartphone sales to fall in the second quarter of march. This year alone, the south Korean firm’s market share has fallen by 9%.
Thanks to the success of the iPhone X and the rise of Chinese manufacturers such as huawei and xiaomi in the mid-market, samsung’s position as the world’s no. 1 smartphone market is in jeopardy.
The main crisis in samsung’s smartphone business, according to analysts and media, is that none of the new features are “necessary.” For example, the Galaxy S9 is almost identical to last year’s S8, and most consumers don’t understand or care about minor upgrades.
According to the rumors of this period, there will be no big difference between the Galaxy Note 9 and last year’s Note 8. Only the S Pen will get an important upgrade. If that is the case, the phone may not sell better than the S9.
Meanwhile, products from Chinese manufacturers such as vivo, OPPO and huawei have truly innovative features, such as pop-up cameras, on-screen fingerprint sensors and three rear cameras. Even apple’s iPhone X led the trend.
If samsung is to pull itself out of the mire, it will have to do two things: launch an innovative but risky flagship device and develop a cheap but powerful mid-tier one. Without both, it is only a matter of time before apple and huawei catch up.

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iPhone X design is a two-card, two-waiting device that will sell for more than a million dollars

“On September 15, 2018, apple will officially release three new iPhone X models at the Steve jobs theater at its U.S. headquarters.” Believe that before long, you will see the words on each big media website, from the industrial chain to former employees, apple’s new product information was exposed time and again, but to be honest, exposure look quite boring, according to apple’s design practice, generation of design to the fourth generation machine no doubt about it.
Earlier today, sources from the Taiwan industry chain said that the design of apple’s three new iPhone X models for 2018 has been completed (shouldn’t they be used directly?). , which is not much different from the 2017 iPhone X, but the size of the fuselage has increased, and the fringe has been slightly altered.
As the completion of design work, the major components provided by the supplier of components is basically in place, apple will officially open in mid-july product development work, upgrade version of the iPhone X just ordinary hardware update and test; The biggest change to the iPhone XPlus is its 6.5-inch OLED screen. As for the most concerned cheaper version of the iPhone X, it’s still not ready for trial production because of another problem with the iPhone X LCD screen.
In addition, the news that apple will be equipped with dual sim CARDS and dual sim CARDS in the iPhone XPlus has been confirmed by the internal staff of the iPhone OEM pegatron. At present, represented by samsung, huawei’s android camp in high-end mobile phone market, apple obviously feel the pressure, hope that through double card double stay can continue to monopolize the high-end market, as for the price, more than ten thousand is no problem. The employee also confirmed that apple may bring two iPhone XPlus models this year.
Apple has two phones will have double card double stay function of news has been reported for some time, a number of mobile phone industry analysts say, Android mobile phone manufacturers, “apple’s double card double stay will cause a big impact to Android, especially in the Chinese market.” So do you think that’s going to be the case?

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The samsung galaxy Note10 concept is here: five front and back lenses, no bangs

Samsung’s new flagship, the galaxy Note9, has not been released, so it’s not clear what the new samsung flagship will look like. However, foreign media recently released a group of very interesting concept design drawings, named samsung Note10. In this conceptual design, the samsung Note10 does not use liu haiping, which is very beautiful. Samsung J3 J5 J7 Lcd 

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These five android phones are better than apple’s iPhone

The iPhone X lcd is apple’s first unique iPhone since 2014. Apple does upgrade the iPhone every year, but for the most part, users can’t distinguish between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7.
Between 2014 and 2017, all of the major changes in the iPhone have occurred inside the fuselage. Apple upgrades its core elements, such as camera technology, processors, and running memory capacity. It will also add more storage capacity, wireless charging, anti-water dust and other features.
The iPhone X lcd is the first physical design that apple has changed the iPhone since 2014, which is very important. Why? Quite simply, the new iphones typically sell well, and past models have led to what analysts call a “supercycle.”
The last super cycle on the iPhone was the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and four years later, can we have a new supercycle?
I didn’t talk about the price of iPhone X lcd here. It’s too expensive. I do like my phone, but it’s still too high to pay $1,000 for a phone. I mean, it should be a laptop/ultrabook price.
My other problem with the iPhone X lcd is that it doesn’t technically have a “novelty” in it. It just USES a new design and configures OLED displays, but what about that? Over the years, a large number of android phones have been designed with innovative designs and OLED displays.
Know Your Mobile says the iPhone X lcd is more android than other iPhone models, but the iPhone X lcd is much more expensive than android phones.
So the question is: what android phones can users buy without buying an iPhone X lcd and get a similar experience? The five phones listed in this article should be able to satisfy users, and it should be noted that they are not ranked in sequence.
LG V30
This is one of my favorite phones released in 2017. It has some of the best components and has some of the best features, and its overall design and appearance are excellent.
The LG V30 is also cheaper than the iPhone X lcd, with an integrated HD DAC that achieves unparalleled timbre and has one of the best smartphone cameras available. LG V30 is definitely worth considering if you want to buy a phone that has a lot of progress in performance, design and configuration.
Google Pixel 2 XL
In 2017, the Pixel 2 XL is the most likely model I can buy, and it will last for 12 months.
I’ve been using Pixel XL for 12 months and I love it. The camera is excellent, the software is excellent, and it can receive the android update in time, the battery is one of the best smartphone batteries.
The Pixel 2 XL basically takes the advantage of the Pixel XL and adds even more excellent features. The camera has been upgraded, the display is better, the design is more attractive, the storage capacity is larger, and the price is lower than the iPhone X lcd.
Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8
This is obvious. If you’re talking about iPhone X lcd and you’re not sure which phone you’re buying, the next phone you’re considering might be a samsung product.
Samsung’s latest two phones — the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 — are now essentially two of the best smartphones. They’re not cheap either, but when they unpack, the user knows they’re worth it.
Now that samsung is the engine of the smartphone world, it is the leader of the industry, and other companies are basically chasing it, says Know Your Mobile. The only reason I don’t want to use a samsung phone is because I don’t like its software or wait for an android update.
But samsung’s two phones are almost impeccable in other ways.
One plus five
If you want to buy a high-configuration, beautifully designed, excellent quality and reasonable price phone, there’s really only one brand to choose from — one plus.
One plus five is the latest flagship phone, and the lowest of the five phones listed in this article.
A plus 5 price is about 40% to 50% below the iPhone’s recommended retail price, and users may not be able to distinguish between the two phones in terms of overall performance and configuration.
A plus 5 equipped with excellent camera, excellent software, massive running memory, suitable storage capacity options.
A few years ago, one plus changed the game rules of the smartphone industry, and in 2017 and 2018, a mobile phone is still a force to be reckoned with.

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iPhone 8 lcd will be able to take a big picture next year

The iPhone 8 lcd, iPhone 8 lcd and iPhone X were released this year, according to the Fool website, and apple has significantly improved the quality of its cameras. With the help of a new imaging sensor and a sharp improvement in the image signal processor in the A11 bionic chip, the three iPhone models released this year are impressive shots and video.

What makes the camera improvements particularly impressive is that apple has made these advances in smartphones with the same basic appearance as the last iPhone.
For this year’s iPhone, the elements that limit apple sensors and optical design are not just physical Spaces, but also cost. Thanks to the iPhone, iPhone 8 lcd August Plus and iPhone X USES the same underlying camera technology, apple must design the key sensor and optical components, make no more than the price is relatively low 8 material cost budget of the iPhone.
But Ashraf Eassa, a senior technologist at The Motley Fool, believes that most of these restrictive factors will disappear next year, leading to a big increase in iPhone camera performance. Here’s why he thinks so.
The average price of the new iPhone has risen
According to Fool, apple plans to release three iphones next year: a six-inch LCD screen that belongs to low-end products. A 5.85-inch OLED display is a successor to the iPhone X. The third iPhone X, which is equivalent to a large size, has a 6.46-inch OLED display.
He thought, in the case of not significantly narrowed its gross margin, apple impossible for $699 (RMB 4604), and even the price of $799 (RMB 5263) selling an iPhone X subsequent products. As a result, he expects to start at $899-999 for next year’s 5.85-inch iPhone X starting price. In addition, he expects to start at $999 – $1,199 for the start of the 6.46-inch iPhone X starting price next year, depending on how different the features are from the 5.85-inch model.
The 6-inch LCD iPhone should be cheaper than the 5.85-inch iPhone X, but esha suspects it will start at $699 — the current start price for the iPhone 8 lcd. He thinks the starting price for a 6-inch LCD model will be between $749 and $799.
Here he wants to make a kind of view is that, in the next product cycle, the average price of apple’s new iPhone should rise, which will allow apple can apply more expensive camera parts, and will not affect its profit margins.
New design, bigger size
Another point worth pointing out, says Fool, is that in the past three generations of iPhone cycles, apple had to “cram” its technology into the same size. IPhones 6s, 7 and 8 have the same size as the iPhone 6.
Since next year’s iPhone should be redesigned, apple should have plenty of room to accommodate larger imaging sensors and more advanced optical parts.
In fact, the iPhone X’s camera bump is larger than the iPhone 8 lcd Plus, which allows apple to add a larger lens and optical anti-shake feature.
Apple is expected to take full advantage of the freedom of its new form to significantly improve camera performance and functionality for the entire iPhone line.

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